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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xxtravisxx, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. weed steams

    how much thc those bitches carrie?
    also is it different liek take longer to get the thc workin n get high? like could it be possible fo rit to take hours even a day?
  2. You'd need a lot just to get a buzz, man. Totally not worth smoking. Save those bitches up and turn either make tea with them or collect the kief from 'em.
  3. smoking them wont do much of anything. you can pretend you are high after you smoke them if you want i guess. if you have a grinder with a kief catcher then you could save them and get the kief
  4. or make hash
  5. that's what i was thinking.
  6. Ha i had a buddy who pretended he was completely faded after smoking a bowl of stems. :rolleyes:
  7. well.
    if you don't smoke much and you're super desperate
    and you have a shitpot of stems like 2-3 bowls worth
    you may get a little high. i used to do it sometimes back in high school when i was completely broke.
    mostly you're just pretending though lol
    get a sack or jug and just save them and make a fat batch of tea one of these days
    or somethin idk
  8. RaHhHhHhHh, must-try-not-to-be-a-grammar-nazi....acccchhhh alright...

    Yeah man just save them up and make butter out of them, or shake them up in a kief box. They hold a great amount of them if they're from dank for sure.

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