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    is this weed? its december so the plant was nothing but dead leaves and shitty buds but i was pretty stoked bc there was a decent amount of plants. its my first thread so plz dont be a dick... thanks.
    (ill post more pics in a few.)

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  2. It's not even focused, how the fuck am I supposed to identify a plant if there are others that look similar :mad:

    Lol no hard feelings, just get frustrated when people take shitty photos and expect the internet to be able to give them an answer. :D
  3. Kid, you just made a different thread about this, got banned for admitting you are 14 years old, and made another account. Nice try.

  4. Troll?
  5. jazzyj, i really dont care (hence the part where i said "dont be a dick")...

    but anyways heres another pic

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  6. It looks like sticks and leaves in the second picture, and I still can't figure out what the first picture is.
  7. Ooooh supa dank, :rolleyes:
  8. yeahh it def looked like some late og to me. plus it was frosty and stuck to my fingers a ton when i broke it up

  9. yeah its hard to tell but i could see that it had some possibly had orange hairs on it at one point.
  10. ...... Let me guess, the leaves appear to be single shriveled up blades in a ball?
  11. the edges of the leaves look smoothe and rounded. the edges of pot leaves have many pointy points.
  12. hahahaha.. you're trolling right?
    that looks nothing like weed.
  13. yeah didnt think of that... it does have pointed ends but the sides are smooth. and there was a solid bud-type thing towards the center but it was small since it has dried and shriveled up so much outside in the 29 degree weather
  14. Looks like charred bud

  15. It's a weed, not WEED
  16. Try snorting it you'll get HAF (high as fuck).
  17. To me it looks like some fine nice skywalker og top shelf perhaps??
  18. Yeah Im starting to think the same thing myself... But I'm just wondering that if it isn't weed, then what did I find? Because when burned, it smells just like skunk and I found a picture where a guy grew this og till it fell off the stem and he didn't trim the leaves, and it looked somewhat like mine...

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  19. not sure if that's what I had in mind but its a suggestion haha :D:smoking:
  20. i second this.

    on the real though, if it was actually weed, it would be weed growing on accident outside, which would make it ditch weed. ditch weed is not good. its probably not good for you. ditch weed grows in alot of places, and its known for getting folks real excited before they smoke it, and reeeeaaaal dissappointed after they smoke it.

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