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Weed woes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr. spliff, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Haven't been on here for a longgg time because I had to give up weed. I think a year ago I made a post explaining that getting stoned suddenly became something that made me feel like shit, and gave me an anxiety disorder when I was sober. Well I've been off the green for a year now and I still feel a bit anxious now and again, but nowhere near as bad as this time last year. Over the year, I tried to get high rarely, with the same shit effects.. am I going to have to say goodbye to weed forever? :(
  2. Maybe stop with the heavy indica's? :wave: :smoke:
  3. I have no idea what type of grade we were getting back then - whatever we could get our hands on - I think in London there's a lot of bullshit about strains and that, so I couldn't tell you whether it was indica, sativa or whatever :p
    I've just never heard of anyone going permanently anxious/paranoid of any type of weed and it looks like time is not going to heal this one
  4. I know this might not sound too appealing to you but if you're alright with taking herbs you should try some Valerian root while blazing. Or make passionflower tea before you smoke. Or smoke gradually increasing amounts until you have a tolerance. You won't get as many amazing cerebral highs but you also won't be bugging out...
  5. First of all shit weed can induce panic attacks much more often imo, so if you are sensitive to anxiety then if you smoke make sure it's good shit. Second of all, if you go into it all scared and paranoid that it's going to make you anxious trust me that's all it's going to do, I've had panic attacks with weed before and all I do is tell myself nothing is going to happen, enjoy the high while it lasts and go on with life.
  6. Indicas help with anxiety, Sativas, however usually can cause it because the higher THC levels and lower cannabinoid levels.

    To the OP: I have anxiety disorders and I know that it is hard to smoke after a spike in anxiety for a while. If you are able to have access to Indica or Indica dominant strains, I would suggest you try that and see if it helps. I can pretty much almost only smoke Indica because of this reason, and when I do smoke sativa it's not nearly as much.

    If you still are feeling uncomfortable, you could try smoking the smallest amount you can until you feel a change in consciousness. If you do this it might make it easier for you to gain enough confidence to be comfortable being high, and over time slowly add more to your comfort level.

    If you have been seeing somebody for anxiety or psychiatric reasons you probably recognize that logic because that is pretty much how you treat social anxiety or things of that nature (besides medication).

    If all else fails I'm afraid you will probably have to take an extended tolerance break. At least until you have taken control of your anxiety a little better or perhaps try treatment methods.
  7. Just buy a small amount to roll up a joint and smoke it, if it starts up again, give it up. Also try it on a full stomach.
  8. Cheers for advice from everyone - I think I'm going to wait until my anxiety clears up and then start up again with small amounts and see if that does anything

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