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Weed withdrawl

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Xefede, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Can weed withdrawal make me stop wanting to smoke cigarettes? Cause ever since I stopped smoking both I haven't felt the urge of smoking a cigarette? I've been smoking cigarettes on a daily basis(5-10average or more sometimes ) for around 5 years and I'm just worried why my body isn't asking for any nicotine. My withdrawal has been kinda heavy, my appetite was gone for some days couldn't eat that much, been more thirsty than normal, ansious, and feel kinda sick.
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  2. Marijuana is known to help people quit alcohol and tobacco.
    Its stopped me from drinking

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  3. You're "worried why your body isn't asking for nicotine"

    Can you elaborate on that?
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  4. no such thing as marijuana withdrawals....jeez, it's pot, not heroin.
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  5. A lot of these posts today... the reefer madness is like a rubber band always comes snapping back. And as to your body not wanting nicotine? Why the fuck would you question that. I say roll with it
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  6. I thought marijuana didnt have till I stopped smoking and I was feeling like shit, thought I was sick but after further investigation it was actually a withdrawal.
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  7. Maybe it's nicotine withdrawal lol...
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  8. Nicotine withdrawal is a physical itch, or so I believe (I don't smoke cigs). Abstaining from weed is all psychological and typically only affects users in the first 3-5 days going dry. The worst symptoms I get when the stash gets all smoked up is insomnia and vivid movie-like dreams. Pretty neat benefit actually because I'm starting to learn how to navigate lucid dreams. Like last night when I was skating to the dispensary to buy weed and ran into several people in my past. Lol it makes amends for waking up and realizing I ain't got any weed...
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  9. I don't get why people feel the need to force their opinion down someone's throat lol... everyone is different and has different reactions. Quitting a 2-3 gram a day smoking habit after years can definitely give you withdrawal.... now like you said it's not nearly as bad as unmentionables but it's there for some maybe not all... but these people claiming it's just a billy being a billy spreading propaganda and lies are just full of themselves they don't know how the next person feels when quitting something... as I said on the other similar thread though I also smoke for medical reasons and when I quit my medical issues can intensify so that doesn't help at all and that may be a factor for some.. I get cold sweats can't eat and have troubles sleeping lol but it doesn't last to long and it's by no means terrible if I stay occupied..

    Grow journal
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  10. I get what you are saying. Mental issues may get worse if you medicate with cannabis and you run out of cannabis. I feel this strongly as I have anger issues with depressive spells and shit is definitely massively worse when I don't have the weed I need. As far as the term "withdrawal" goes that is a serious term that often ends in fatal situations when a serious drug is the substance. Because weed is not a serious drug, the irritability wears off after a week max and life goes back to square one with life threatening dependency, such as alcohol addiction, not affecting the user's life.

    Many people may bitch and moan but withdrawal from weed is giving weed a drug categorization when it is not the same. We all may love weed but it won't kill any of us going without. (Suicide attempts aside of course)
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  11. #11 generic98547, Jul 27, 2017
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    Eh but still cigs won't kill you and it's not uncommon to say you are going through withdrawals when quitting... even though most of the time it's just mental and being cranky.

    Withdrawal Physical and mental symptoms that occur after stopping or reducing intake of a drug.

    I mean physical or mental it's still withdrawal hell a decent bit of serious unmentionables cause mostly mental withdrawal but I can't go into that topic obviously so I'll leave it at that....

    But that being said I'm also someone who doesn't really have any withdrawal issues when it comes to nicotine...

    Grow journal
  12. I quit cigs after 10 years of smoking

    And I've quit toking for lengthy periods of time

    It's very different

    But I didn't quit them both at the same time so I've got no idea.
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  13. A commonly stated marijuana withdrawl symptom of people that use it to help with mental issues is depression IVE HEARD
  14. Marijuana may not be physically addictive, but for SURE it will cause mental withdrawals. You will get depressed, it goes away after a few days. Other than that, you'll feel the urge to smoke like no other.
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