Weed withdrawal effects?

Discussion in 'General' started by John Lennon, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Last month I was smoking everyday, almost 3 times a day. Now Im just smoking once per week at most. Im feeling kinda "sad", like something bad is gonna happen. Like Im worried about something but I dont know why. I also feel kinda bored. Sometimes Im bad tempered or very irritated without a reason.

    My appettite is ok, I dont have problems to sleep. Also my short time memory is working better...

    So, are those withdrawal symptons?
  2. Yeah bro. That's only the beginning. Before you know it you're going to start craving and then ultimately doing anything, including sucking dick, just to get a fix.

    But seriously: You'll be back to normal after a couple days/weeks.
  3. NO..... THAT sounds like CANCER!!
  4. There is no physical withdrawal symptoms from weed.
  5. I went on a 2 week tolerance break (which ends in 3 hours) and the first week i was constantly bored and had trouble sleeping. No worries. It passes before you know it. Try to find something to occupy the time you'd normally spend getting high
  6. masturbate...then come back and tell us how you feel.
  7. You ever suck dick for weed son?

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