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Weed with yellow leaves??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by moose420, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, i just got back from this buddy of mines house who i work with. He had been raving to me about this weed with yellow leaves mixed in that was the best and weirdest looking shit hes every smoked hands down. I smoke really good dank with him all the time so he knows good weed.

    So he busts this stuff out and i looked at it, its a nice green with a decent amount of crystals, but the yellow leaves didnt really look all that impressive to me. Yea they made the weed look weird but they looked like dead or dried up leaves to me. The stuff really didnt have much of a smell to it either, but it was definately some decent dank.

    So we smoke it and it tastes alright. But the shit sparkled when we smoked it and he was like yeaa isn't that awesome, i heard weed with a higher thc sparkles, which i don't buy and i don't think i've ever heard that. When i looked closely the sparkling was really cause by the yellow leaves burning up real quickly, they were doing it even when we weren't hitting the bowl.

    I didn't say anything to him while i was there because hes the type of person who will go and kill the guy. But im thinking that yellow leaves are a bad sign and means the buds aren't as good as they could of been, but im definately not a growing expert so i come to you guys.

    Are yellow leaves a good sign or a bad sign like im thinking??

    Also he said he packed a bowl of just yellow leaves and he got really fucked up, but im thinking placebo effect or something.
  2. It means that the weed was grown with a lack of chlorophyl. It tends to turn the leaves yellow.

    BUT! im pretty sure there is a lot of other problems with the same symptom, so dont quote me on that one.
  3. a plant with a lack of chlorophyl...i dont think thats right
  4. Anybody have any idea, im really curious. I've def never seen anything thats looked like it before, but i don't think it was a good thing. Plus the dude he got it from i've only picked up from twice and i stopped picking up from him and started picking up from this new guy i met, because to be honest i didn't completely trust the other connect. He did my right the first two bags i got from him, but i just didn't trust him and the people he chilled with. I figured they'd eventually try to pull something.
  5. higher THC content -> Sparkling weed -> fuck yeah

    ok maybe not in that order

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