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Weed with red hairs in it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Xeonex, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Well my friend is picking up some and he offered to smoke with me. He said it crackles when you burn it and it has red hairs in it.

    Can anybody feel me in on what it might be?
  2. just weed. most of my buds i pick up have orange or red hairs. really, the hair is only there for collecting pollen from male plants. normal stuff
  3. Could be some cannabis, or possibly marijuana.

    Im not sure. ;)
  4. I havn't seen it yet, but thanks lol. I hope its good.
  5. Don't worry. Also, the crackling he hears might be stems burning up. I know they crackle.
  6. its from them not flushing it out before harvest
  7. This. If it crackles on every burn then most likely. If it's a pop once in awhile, check for seeds.

    Hairs can be all different colors, but usually orange or red.

    I haven't heard a stem crackle unless it's possible a larger piece. I leave stem out of my bowl, if I ever load any I bust it up with the bud in the grinder.
  8. I'm definitely not saying I have stems in my bowls guys.

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