weed with mushrooms?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Eric149, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Im goin to this concert tonight you proly all know em slightly stupid and pepper. But I got this headies and some mushrooms you think its a good idea to roll a blunt before with like a tiny bit of shrooms on it will it do anything?
  2. Slightly Stoopid kicks ass.
  3. You can't smoke mushrooms, you'd have to eat them. How much do you have?
  4. Theres alot of debate over smoking shrooms but i wouldn't bother.

    Just eat e'm
  5. ive smoked a mushroom in a blunt and it didnt work. heat kills the psilocybin
  6. dude i saw state radio who opened for slightly stoopid, that concert was off the hook. Hell yeah you should eat like an 1/8 of shrooms two hours before that concert and smoke 3 blunts of headies!
  7. I did a salad bong bowl of ganj and mush, it worked for me i could hear myself echo it was sweet
  8. hell yeah i was at that concert, State Radio was amazing. Do you know the name of that asian guy who did percussion and that metal song that he sang for slightly stoopid? ive been trying to find more stuff by him
  9. eat the shrooms and then smoke the blunt on your peak!

    haha have fun man im seeing slightly stoopid tomorrow in asbury park.

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