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Weed with little or NO paranoia?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by WeedAndTitties, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I apologize if this was already in a thread, but I wanna know what bud has the least paranoia effects. Just a calm, mellow 'fuck everything i feel good as shit' high.
  2. How am i supposed to know?
  3. Indica = less paranoia, and also smoke less if you get really paranoid.

    The setting and your current mood also affects it way more than the strain itself. There's no "magical strain" if you don't want to be paranoid.
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    I don't know what strains you can get so I don't know what to recommend to you, but I think you should just relax and smoke less, slowly get high, maybe you are just having a panic attack when high. Certain strains aren't less 'paranoidy' than others it doesn't work like that, it's more about you and how you react to weed, there are a lot of variables.
    My advice, get an Indica strain and slowly smoke and relax, just try to enjoy it without stressing yourself out.

    Are you asking because you always feel paranoid when high? If you're really high and paranoid then either relax or pass out, go to sleep. First time I had an edibles it shocked me as well, i took a very large dose and didn't know when to expect it to take effect, it all hit me at once, I felt like I had just took 10 fat bong rips at once and couldn't even stay awake i just passed out, I'm guessing you are a new smoker? You just need to relax
  5. I feel like paranoia disappears with experience. I haven't experienced paranoia since my early days of smoking.

    Edit: and Spaceace, gtfo
  6. But I like the paranoia.

    I'll be out strollin' thru the neighborhood with my hounds on a balmy Autumn night, 'round midnight or 1 a.m., hittin' a bowl as I stroll miles from home, when all of a sudden I think that ...

    ... all kinds of paranoid shit:

    - the grow room is going to burst into flame any minute;

    - the wind is going to rip the roof off of the grow room exposing 1600 wats of HID lighting to the traffic helicopters that patrol the big street near my house;

    - now that I got lots of buds in the garden, my fucking uncool and nosey sister-in-law is going to pop in for a visit and constanty smoke her cancerettes on the back porch therefore I won't be able to run the HID lights for as long as she is here and what looks like a fantastic crop is going to be ruined;

    - next year my life will be ruined because the local police are probably going to get some of those new drones and start robot-patrols with thermal imaging gear ...

    - et cetera ...

    I have learnt to get into the groove and enjoy the rush of weird paranoia fear. I think to myself, "I must be really fucking stoned because this paranoia is intense."

    It is a little like enjoying the bitter rush of biting into a slice of lemon
  7. Just chill and relax when your stoned man, remember its all in your head. Enjoy the high :smoke:
    And sick ass avatar dog haha
  8. From personal experience.

  9. I find that paranoia is like couch lock. You just need to will yourself out of it, or distract yourself with some other thoughts.
  10. Like others have said, just get used to it a little more. Once your able to distinguish what sounds are real and what sounds you think you hear (ie a cop siren) you'll be okay.
    I think it was the second time I was ever high, I smoked a lot because I didn't think I was high yet, little did I know that the strain I was smoking was a kicker and when I was finished I was extremely paranoid. It sounded like my mom was yelling my name when she wasn't even home, and every car that passed by my house looked like a cop car to me.
    It sounds super ridiculous looking back years ago now, and imagining me being that freaked out lol :eek:, but when your not used to it, you have no idea.

    Good luck!
  11. I have heard or read that in places where weed is accepted or "legal" people don't experience paranoia at all, or at least very few do. This doesn't really help you if you live in the states, but there ya go. I agree with the other comments above about experience. Once you've been smoking for a while it kind of goes away. Being high just becomes normal :smoke:

  12. High CBD I believe is an indica, because it's more of a body high right? :smoke:

    OP: indicas will give you a less paranoia high, but if you get paranoid even with high CBD strains you might wanna quit smoking if you don't wanna be paranoid.
  13. Really depends.

    For me, all kush makes me paranoid.

    Grandaddy purps, snowcap, bluedream type buds give me relaxed creative high.
  14. none. thats what weed does mang. i have the same problem. smoke with close friends in a safe place.
    i find that conversing with your bros takes the edge off.
    It's hard to be paranoid when you're laughing your ass off :smoke:
  15. [quote name='"itsagirl"']I have heard or read that in places where weed is accepted or "legal" people don't experience paranoia at all, or at least very few do. This doesn't really help you if you live in the states, but there ya go. I agree with the other comments above about experience. Once you've been smoking for a while it kind of goes away. Being high just becomes normal :smoke:[/quote]

    Correct. It's the bigger picture that must be approached.

    And the moment you start to give a fuck, is when youre most vulnerable to paranoia.

    What a system we live in, eh?
  16. Thanks to all for the feedback. Sorry I didnt reply earlier I was trying to smoke this weed and feel some titties, as my motto.

    Got some good input, a lot of people saying its just me, some saying Blue Dream, or Purp, Indicas are okay....I dont get paranoid like "Shit someone lookin at me funny i think he's a cop" or shit like that, I swear sometimes I think I'm dying. When I get over it I laugh like shit but for the first 20 minutes I'm trippin harddddddd.
  17. I only get paranoid if something makes me so.

    One time, I was at my friend's house, and two other guys were coming. We hear their knock, friend goes you, gets door, and screams "IT'S THE COPS" and I just started panicking, even though I knew it wasn't the cops.

    I was smoking outside the other day, and heard a window open. I thought it was the fuzz
  18. I never get paranoid about cops, just paranoid I'm having a fuckin heart attack. I'm gonna just smoke a little in the beginning 15 minutes for the paranoia to pass, then go roots deep in them trees.
  19. Yeah man, your gonna have to change your mentality on marijuana.. Of course you will get a little paranoid from smoking weed in a sketchy situation but if your chillin with some friend, sleeping over somewhere or somewhere safe, etc. you shouldn't have a problem.. And a suggestion, smoke as much as possible until you don't wanna, pop your stoner cherry and get as blazes as possible.. It's what I did, we smoke 5 kingsize joints and I was tripping balls and didn't smoke for 2 days.. But now, we smoke a whole dub in 2 hours and a eighth of Dro without thinking twice.. Bong and joints with friends til the end man, just keep it chill man, no pressure ok..

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