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Weed with fiber glass

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Nickatina, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. That's just gross. Who'd ruin bud like that?? Make sure you know your d.
  2. Fuck that.

  3. lolol don't be jelly man:)
  4. You would have to be a fucking retarded fuck to even smoke that and also to say "it cuts your throat so you get higher" heres an easier way to get higher take a t break and then smoke.
  5. How do cuts in your throat make you higher? I've heard of people depriving themselves oxygen to improve a high, but inhaling glass?
  6. Is it laced with newport tobacco? Those have fiberglass in them(dunno if it's just them or all menthols). Those give you a bigger nicotine buzz so I don't see how it couldn't work for cannabis. Not that I'd ever recommend doing it though.

  7. To much paranoia floating about the city, if you get a quarter and its small its either because its actually short or its damp and weighs more or the buds are just really compact so it looks like less, I used to think this sometimes when I was first buying decent amounts say for example I would buy a O of lemon haze it would look massive because the buds are light and not very compact but when I bought an O of blueberry it would look under but this was because blueberry has tight compact buds which obviously weigh more lemon haze has light airy buds which weigh less meaning one looks bigger than the other you get me.

    Best way to check your weed is by using common sense I mean why would dealers do this shit people would quickly find out and not go again.

    When grit weed first came about around 2006 people were telling dealers it was sprayed and taking it back and if dealers still sold it again people stopped going, weed smokers are to clever these days to smoke sprayed shit if I found any grit weed now I dont care how hard the dealer thinks he is I am taking it back and getting my money back but thankfully this has not happened for a long time.

    The stuff that floods the streets in mass quantities usually from Holland will be sprayed yes but even these gangs are not stupid enough to spray their product with fiber glass now what it is sprayed with I do not know how toxic it is to the human body I do not know but what I do know is it will not be anything that could cause any real harm more like sugar water.

    @ OP Logic is your best friend use it wisely and and stop inspecting your weed every 5 minutes lol.
  8. Just don't buy shit weed and you're good.

  9. Pics of the 12 gram nug
  10. Smoke it out of a bong and look for glass in the water?
  11. If that O actually has fibreglass, just make concentrate or something. DO whatever technique there is to separate the active chemicals from the fibreglass.

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