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Weed with Cocaine?

Discussion in 'General' started by MARIedWITHJANE, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking weed for a really long time now, i''ve probly had all the best weed out there and i know what a high from weed is so dont tell me i was tripping out on some bomb tree.


    My friend and i were going to get high last week but all of our dealers were dry. We finnaly found some one else that sold weed so we bought a $25 of weed. We walked to a park and since we had lost our pipe before we desided to use an apple to smoke with.

    When the apple was ready with the bowl, and the carbrater and the hole we packed in a bowl and smoke it. We finished that bud and both of us where high already. Then we walked some where else to smoke because there was too many people around.

    when we found another spot, we set down and grabbed the weed bag and was about to pack in another bowl when we noticed that there were little white crystals on the bud(It alse felt really sticky too), we just thought they were THC crystals so we just packed it in and started to take hits.

    This time the smoke we blew out was more clear then the other bowl we smoked before, and they were actually really big hits but there wasnt as much smoke as its supposed to be. Then when we are done with the bowl i noticed something was different, i started to think bad about my friend, like he was asking me what time it was and i was thinking in my head "Doesn't this fucking idiot have a watch?". And i was also feeling really strong like i could fight any body around and beat them all.

    I started to think that the dealer we got the weed from might of had put cocaine in it, but i didnt mention nothing about this different high to my friend so i wont ruine his high untill he looks at me and says "some thing is wrong..." there was a 5 second pause after he said that then he said that theres probably something in this weed because he was having a totally different high.

    We started talking about it and then we finnaly came to the point where both of us agreed that there was cocaine on the weed. When the high was over (the high didnt last as much as it was supposed to for that ammount of weed) we called another friend of us that is used to smoke what he calls a "Chewy" wich is weed mixed with cocaine. We told him all the details about the high we just had and all that he said was "you guys smoked a chewy".

    So what you guys think? was it really cocaine or some other drug?
  2. Maybe, maybe not. Cocaine has a pretty distinct smell, and its own kind of taste. Your gums would have gone numb too more than likely.

    So if it smelled funny and all that shit, then yeah you did. If not... I doubt it was coke.
  3. Just bomb weed. no coke sorry
  4. The feeling strong part doesn't sound like weed, but it doesn't really sound like cocaine either. Maybe there was a tiny bit of coke in there, but more likely you smoked a very potent sativa.

  5. Not really my gums but my throat got really numb, and my lungs as well, felt like i could take REALLY big hits untill i ran out of oxygen and had to exhale to breath. Oh and a small detail i forgot to mention was after taking hits it felt like there was sugar on my mouth cause i could bite them
  6. i'm pretty sure u just smoked some bomb ass weed

    but, if it was coke, did it have a fruity taste? did u get a boost of energy or a numbing sensation?
  7. sounds just like pcp man especialty getting mad and wanting to fight people. also a lot of people lace weed with pcp
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    some thc crystals appear white because of the bud if its a lighter color. dank weed like white widow, others. if there was bud and coke dont you think there would be more smoke. why would there be less smoke. unless you usually dont smoke good weed, good weed doesnt seem to have much toxins like mids schwag because if you hold it for just a couple seconds and blow out there isnt as much smoke. even though iver never smoked coke i thought it produces white smoke which would appear to be more smokey not less.... and since its your first time doing coke (if you did it) you would of felt the effects much more. you would of felt VERY energetic and powerful not just feeling like a bad ass gangster kid cause you smell like weed and everyone knows your high, and thug sorry this is just how i see your situation

    since you didnt mention very common things associated with smoking coke and didnt even smell it during the smoking and been like wow this isnt weed, i would just have to say it was just dank weed and that you SEEM like you're still a beginner in tokin

    this is just how it appears to me from what you wrote, dont be mad

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