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  1. Yup. East coast here and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
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  2. You Canadians are gonna love some Tim Horton's, and joint lol.
  3. I agree with this! I presently live in southern Ontario and it is sometimes unbearable. Crime is going up, driving anywhere is insane because more and more people are moving here and urban sprawl is flattening wooded areas and farmland. Housing prices are through the roof, everything is taxed and hydro is insane.
    I was starting to look out East because my dad is from there. The houses are huge and cheaper, people nice and friendly but I hear the winters are long (ie Newfoundland just had a snowstorm again yesterday lol)
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  4. I'm from the East and I love it. The only other place that I would consider living is BC because I can't imagine not living near the ocean but it's just too expensive in most areas there. I lived in Newfoundland for almost 7 years and I can attest to the fact that the weather there is horrible (It's a good place other than the weather). Long Winters and short Summers that are usually on the colder side and rainy. If you're thinking of heading East, I would stay away from Newfoundland for the reasons I talked about and also Northern New Brunswick as they tend to get a lot of Winter storms with a lot of snow.
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  5. I'm very aware of what's going on in Canada and the plant count we will soon have.
    I haven't heard anything about growing Outdoors on ones own property out in the backyard.
    Anyone heard anything about that??

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  6. If I'm not mistaken, you'll be allowed to grow your four plants in your backyard everywhere you're allowed to grow, besides Alberta where no outdoor grows are permitted and British Columbia where plants will be visible to the public. I haven't heard anything else but other provinces might have added restrictions also.
    I'm quite sure that only applies to the property that you reside but I could be wrong.
  7. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/canad...o-spot-drug-impaired-drivers-chiefs-1.4004743

    This makes zero sense to me. Haven't all cops always been trained to spot impaired drivers? It's not like weed is something that hasn't been available before. Anyone who really wants to smoke it is most likely already doing it and those who are going to smoke and drive are already doing it. I'm going to make a pretty good guess and say that the people who are waiting until it's legal to try it aren't the ones who are going to be driving high anyway.
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  8. I live in ontario its great here dunno what u r talking about.
  9. No outdoor plants in ontario only 4 per household but have to be indoors.
  10. Where did you hear this? I haven’t read anything about no outdoor. I just read four plants per household. Just wondering.

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  11. It's different in each province. Indoors only here in Alberta too but in BC you can grow outside as long as it's not visible to passer-by I believe. I got 9 going now and many more soon to sprout so they know where they can put their rules. ;)
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  12. Research online your provinces laws on recreational pot.
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  13. I’ve done homework lol I searched for no outdoor and never heard anything that said you couldn’t. Just wondering where he heard that from as I was planning on outdoor next summer.
  14. One month to go guys and gals! Woohoo!

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  15. Found this news article that spells out some rules for each province with a link to each one's gov't website for more specifics. I checked out the Alberta one and it says 4 plants per household but doesn't specify if they have to be indoors or not. BC says out of site so I'd assume that meant outdoors is fine as long as they can't be seen. Not that many people live where they could grow outside without the plants being seen tho.

    Confusion will reign until all this stupidity stops and pot plants can be grown like tomatoes in a generation or so.
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  16. Better order a shitload of seedd cause i have a feeling seed prices r going to increase.
  17. Not likely, the gov prices are going to be competitive for seeds. Not that I care, I’ve got loads lol.

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  18. If you read the fine print you're only allowed to grow from approved seeds or clones.

    Don't know how they plan to enforce the goofy rules they've made.

    The LPs are already pissed off about home growing and the change in the rules to allow LPs to grow outdoors.

    There is going to be so much pot a year from now it'll be cheaper than tobacco. The legal stuff will still be going for too much tho.
  19. Just one month to go. I heard that each household just can grow 4 seeds once?
  20. It's the Federal rule across Canada that you can grow 4 approved plants per household no matter how many adults live in a household. Provinces can set their own limits and some are saying no. Many court cases to follow. :)

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