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  1. Can't wait to see it come pass...
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  3. So if the vote on June 7th passes then is it legal at that point but there won't be any sales in stores or online until later on in the summer? Am I understanding that correctly? If you have your own supply then you're good to go on that date?
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  4. From my understanding, yes.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
  5. Not true. Once passed by the Senate the bill still has to be signed off by Trudeau. Some say it will be legalized in August and some say September. Really doesn’t matter though. If you live in Canada it feels legal anyway. I walked around my neighbourhood Friday night and the smell in the air every block indicates legalization is here already. Lol

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  6. If you have pot from other than a legal provider you can still be arrested for possession even if it passes on the 7th. And it won't be in stores for rec buyers to get for a good two months or more after final passage.

    Same for med patients with permission from their doctors and paperwork to prove it.

    Unless it's from a gov't approved Legal Provider it is still illegal!

    When you grow your 4 plants of any height, as the height restriction was removed from the proposal, you must get your seeds or clones from a Legal Provider.

    This isn't legalization it's re-legalization aka Prohibition 2.0.

    Everything is still just proposed and meaningless at this point. Teh senate can ask for amendments like removing the 4 plants so no home growing which is what the LPs are lobbying hard for as it will cut into their business. Like it's hurting the breweries because people are allowed to brew their own beer. It'll end up the same with pot. Only the dedicated will grow their own after a couple of aborted tries with most opting to go to the vendors for their bud like with beer.

    Just follow the money. Harper's buddies are running most of the big LPs with that lying Liberal bastard keeping up Harper's evil work and kissing corporate ass.

    I'll just grow my own like always and let the gong show play on without me. :)

  7. So they deleted the spam post but left the same post as a quote in your post.

    You maybe should report yourself now. ;)

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    So the bill passed the senate if anyone is still interested in this thread. Now the changes the senate made just need to be approved it’ll be good to go.

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    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
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  9. Loving it but the bill just passed it should be a go by labour day . 4 plants no size or weight restriction lol hellooooo beasters !
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  10. It's a great news good to know about that, Canada is working on the betterment of human community I am really with this news and also wanted to migrate to Canada only if I will.
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  11. I’ve been waiting for the legalization to pass to start my new grow, I’m going to be trying to make the biggest grow I can with 4 plants in a 4x4 tent with a 600w hps.

    Should be quite fun after all the knowledge I gained on my previous 3 grows.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
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  12. Canada will turn into amsterdam
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  13. Most recent update to the proceedings:

    Pot legalization bill back in Senate’s hands as feds race ticking clock

    Basically, senate tried to make it so that the provinces could prohibit growing and congress said no to the change which would make it federal law (which trumps provincial law) that you can grow 4 plants per “household”.
    Nice to see the government actually doing what the people want for a change.

    From here the senate can pass the law or make amendments and send it back to the MPs.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
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  14. Never trust those crooked fuckers lol
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  15. No we r talking recreational use not needing a medical card. Every house in canada will be allowed to grow 4 plants !
  16. You’re being purposefully obtuse. We’re talking country wide. As it currently sits in the US only a handful of states have legalized, not the entire country.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
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  17. In every state ???
  18. He doesnt know what hes talking about lol !

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