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Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by Shaawing, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. I don't know why people would want to carry over an ounce (30 grams) around. The reason they are stalling is to make sure they can make as much $$ as possible selling it their way. It's a healing plant (like peyote, ayahuasca, etc) and growing it to make profit is so ironic and disrespectful to this wise teacher plant.

    What worries me is big gov/monsanto selling genetically modified product, and then people getting sick or dying, so they say pot is unhealthy. Remember those kids that died using synthetic marijuana?
    Regardless of legalization, the best and most knowledgable growers will still be king, can't wait to see them selling at farmer's markets
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  2. Just to clear it up I am in no way shape or form defending the government for anything I'm just being truthful and logical to understanding their decisions...
    First of all they never said it would be legal by now, last year on April 20th Justin trudeau gave a speech and said that hey would "introduce legislation" by this year April 20.. and also said the once the legislation is passed it could take up to 2 years for it to be truly legalized..
    they never lied.. they were definately shady that's for sure.. most of you guys hear what you want cause you have legalgrowingweedrageboners for it to finally be legalized...

    About the 4 plants, they are obvioustly gonna only legalize it to the point that only they can make money, it's the government... but also at the same time.. they are legalizing it for recreational use, not for everyone to become the next kingpin.. 4 plants is more than enough for 1 person if you grow it properly minimum 8 oz every 3 months.. you really smoke more than 2-3oz in a month? And that's small yields.. if you do outdoor during summer you can get 10ft tall 6-7 pounders with the proper training techniques.. I definately think it should be 4 plants per person not per household if it has to be 4 plants...

    I really do hate the government as much as the next guy buy you really gotta know the facts and see everything as a whole before passing judgment..

    Also more exaggeration.. that 30 gram limit is the legal limit for either being a ticketable offense or a arrestable offense and that passed years ago... nothing to do with the new legalization

    Either way they said they would make the announcement by April 10th ( I think) this year about the new "legislation" not law.. that will (hopefully) be made a law by next year
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  3. I believe legalization will carry over to the next election.They have an x-cop setting things up, what do you think will happen here? The gov. lies always, that is our constant. This of course is my opinion, and may never happen. But I think Just dumb Trudeau will drag this out for a while.

    Wish in one hand and then shit in the other and see what fills up faster!
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    Lol very good shit analogy... yea I hope they don't dick us around, I guess we will see what they say on the 10th (I think that's when they said they are "sopposed" to announce it) and see how vague they are.. if they just say " yes weeds gonna be fucking legal, party! " I'll be happy but they will probably beat around the bush to give them excuses if people ask why it isn't legal by next year when the time comes

  5. They said they would make their announcement during the week of the 10th, so sometime within that week we will hear what the feds have planned, then we will also have to wait on the provinces. Aw well, been waiting fifty years, suppose I can wait a li'l longer. :cool:
  6. Who wants to start taking bets whether it will be available July 1st?
  7. I thought the whole idea was to keep it out of the hands of kids... if everybody and his dog has 4 in the garden, wouldn't every 14 year old in the country go garden raiding?

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  8. the online market will probably serve all canada like it does right now so the lcbo might only sell a small part of the whole
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  9. The federal government is leaving most of the harder choices revolving around buying pot to the provincial governments, such as what age you have to be to buy, where you can buy it at, etc.
  10. yeah... as of today a party in the minority proposed to make online sale illegal in quebec... also to prohibit its use in the public space (probably like alcohol)...

    not sure how they will track online sale , but i hope i can still order from BC after 1st of july
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    prices are way too high bud

    lemme rectify, ounce prices are too high by the pound it doesnt seem too bad
  13. Woooooohoooo better late than NEVER go canada hehe
  14. july 1st is my bday maybe i'll go to Canana to celebrate
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  15. I don't know where it is but I read an article from the Toronto sun saying that Ontario prices are going to be a dollar tax up to 10 dollars plus an additional 10% for anything above 10 dollars so that 15 dollar grams is going to cost one $16.50
  16. I can't believe that shit is so expensive. It's EVERYWHERE. It should be about 5 bucks a gram and then taxed 50% to 8.50 for rec then use that tax which is way more than enough to buy shit. Flat price on all weed below AAA then on the AAA shit, throw it up to 20 bucks a gram. Make it a requirement that the weed be grown by an award winning grower that's determined by festivals and shit during the year. Shit would change every year. DONT MIND ME IM JUST HIGH.
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    Then perhaps move to Québec if you're from another province: that should feel LOW again!


    Here's why.

    Our sinister of health (including "healthy ways" and whatnot...) is quite a bigot prohibitionist determined to attack cannabis and all other smoked substances, actually. It appears in retrospective that even peaceful law-abiding customers (e.g. including those requiring "bio"...) will NOT be allowed self-cultivation.

    [ www.softsecrets.com/fr/actualites/international/lautoproduction-de-cannabis-devrait-etre-interdite-au-quebec/ ]
    Soft Secrets: L’autoproduction de cannabis devrait être interdite au Québec (2017-Sep-15)

    « Comme le révèle le quotidien La Presse, le Québec ne permettra pas aux citoyens de cultiver leur cannabis. Le gouvernement québécois pense que cette disposition nécessiterait un système de contrôle beaucoup trop lourd. »

    Which translates as an excuse based on the prohibitive cost of law enforcement: that would be too much!...


    Most unfortunately "stoner$"/"droÿé$" are expected to buy On-Line from a private sub-contractor outlet serving the S.A.Q., which means Trudeau's pesticide-laced mari-caca shall arrive much LATER after payments are cashed in, BY MAIL!...


    Now i got to wonder if fellow Québekers would still feel "high" after hearing Lucie Charlebois, for example:

    [ www.bnn.ca/commodities/video/quebec-public-health-minister-on-cannabis-legalization-concerns~1141199 ]
    BNN: Marijuana doesn't belong in liquor stores: Quebec's public health minister (2017-Oct-18)

    As a matter of fact this self-serving provincial politician once declared:

    « Do we allow it in parks? We just made here in Quebec a law that is fighting against tobacco, where there are children and schoolyards and in parks where there are children, it's not possible to smoke. We made it more difficult, we don't want any more secondary smoking around children, we want this habit to disappear. We want to denormalize smoking. » (2017-May-19)​

    In other words VILIFY CANNABIS even further to honor the memory of her own father after he died of cancer, while control will be transfered to Public Security minister Martin Coiteux...

    Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  18. with the very high supply well probly see... i wouldnt be surprised if they had to sell ounces under 3$ a gram (say around 90$)... or less and less will buy legal pot the blackmarket will mostly become a bit more hidden than before if repression continues after legalisation...

    wouldnt be surprised if many decided to grow at home even in quebec because the federal government initally said 2 or 4 plant would be alright. some already grow at home as if this were already the new law.
  19. Salutations Cochiseg,

    They would, but i bet they won't: after all they're the same old Liberal faces as when Jean Charest ran Québec... While the cost of "organized crime" low-quality pesticide-laced schwagg doesn't seem ready to go down.


    Repression WILL continue, the government announced their determination to equip police with new technology and that's only the begining.

    With access to 88 x 120 sq. feet of good soil directly exposed to sunlight i'm sort of day-dreaming at this most hypothetical perspective, as i can't even do it on a balcony where there's ~6 h/d of adequate illumination on June 21st...

    Of course there will be adventurous individuals who don't even care having a logging (electric) meter directly attached - unless already stealing electricity anyway... But aging persons as myself who no longer have the option will be taken hostages just like the "medical" consumers before; worse: the prospect of improvement plumets every day as all political parties (except Québec Solidaire, perhaps...) have officially adopted anti-cannabic positions. For example the Parti Québécois would reduce the self-cultivation limit to 2 plants while Coalition Avenir Québec just wants to ban it all...

    Additionally, i've yet to read from a pro-cannabic lawyer about the 6 CDSA revisions of 2016 (and counting!) since i'm worried that's only more power about to be put in the hands of police, if not para-military police (like the SPVM-GTi): i'm thinking of civil asset forfeiture financing their expensive activities, for example. E.G. if one owns a car, a house, etc. he might loose that - even a child, taken away by the protection services on an anonymous tip. The sky is their limit!

    In other words the cannabic consumers of Québec are now the target of 2 predatory government levels and our municipalities + landlords are also going to kick in soon. Everyone in line to make a dime on *US*, waiting for the United Nations to nail it further in 2019 - or fix it but don't hold your breath!


    Meanwhile ordinary vulnerable elders as myself are put in an impossible situation dealing with mari-caca which will be pesticide-laced one way or another, and it doesn't help much to know a cultivator personnally. Now imagine trying to get choices over THC/CBD/CBN ratios, "bio" and well cured, proper non-mechanical processing, etc!

    I can't say i feel great at the moment.


    Good day, have fun!! :D

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