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Weed & Weight Loss

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Golinya, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forum but have been itching to talk to some people about this!

    So when I started smoking I weighed 96kg and made a pact with my best mate to 'Smoke till were Skinny!'. I didn't think it would actually work but now, eight months later I've lost 20kg, sitting at 76kg!! I hardly even noticed it happened!
    It's like one day 'BAM! Shit look at how different I look, my clothes are too big!'.

    I don't get how it happened though, I didn't try to lose weight. Like exercise & eating right. Changed nothing but having a mix everyday. My eating habits changed heaps though, I wasn't eating anything different - all the same foods but I couldn't eat during the day, just some toast in the AM and coffee and ciggerettes all day, if I ate anything big before having a mix I simply just couldn't eat it all! Once I had a mix I was right to eat whatever!

    Over time it's just decreased even more that I smoke all day but can only eat 1 meal a day without making me feel sick and want to spew!

    WTF? Anyone else had this happen or any other type of weight loss using weed?
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  2. well when i started smoking i weighed 250 (pretty steadily for as long as i can remember) which then turned into 260 (i had a weakness to the munchies). but smoking daily and doing minor exercise (walking mostly) and retiling a kitchen im down to 240lbs. i honestly cant remember the last time i weighed less than 250. all my weight loss took place in the past month. im pretty excited and even though its only 20lbs and im still pretty over weight i feel a ton better.

    i dont think weed had anything to do with it other than making my walks more fun. well the weed def aided the weight gain.

    but in your case it sounds more like the 1 meal a day is what has been doing it (ive cut way down on my eating and thats played a big roll).

    edit: to be fair i used to skate and i rode my bike to school from 6-12 grade and all i did was gain weight... so maybe weed is helping idk.
  3. i want to loose weight too

  4. go for a walk.
  5. Well now that I want to start eating right and exercising I'm worried all the weight will just pack right back on! :( same reason I don't wanna quit smoking
  6. Is it healthy to jut not eat enough like that. Serious question cause I was sick the last week and a bit and barely ate, lost almost 10 lbs.

  7. no it's not healthy to not eat.

    you need to eat right. not less or more.
    what you put in your body is important or it should be. because that's what kinda keeps you alive.

  8. once you start losing the weight by eating right you wont want to go back to your old habits.

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