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Weed Wax

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by St0mps, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Anyone know how to make some weed wax?:wave:

  2. youre kidding me right?...
    Here ill hold babies hand...
    Let me google that for you
  3. do you mean.... BHO wax or candle wax.....

  4. yes i was kidding
  5. there an entire sub section on the forum dedicated to these types of topics.
    why don't you do a search or just scroll down.

    its quite simple to find.

  6. Unfortunately, the search function on-site hasn't been much help lately. It's been disabled as much as it's worked. Help him narrow it down. Which section would be best for him-the iso threads or another? Just get him pointed in the right direction. That wouldn't take much more than good will for someone who knows. I would but I'm ignorant, at least about that topic. :D
  7. Other Toking Tools - Concentrate Tools.

    I understand its down occasionally, but its not hard to scroll down the page and read.
    So thats not really an excuse IMO.
    People are just too lazy to research.

    Search isoHead Thread
    if you wanna make wax, theres a plethora of instructions and discussion.
    in fact, hundreds of pictures.

    its delicious :D

  8. I understand about learning to use the tools available and agree with you, but sometimes, especially for someone new, it can be daunting. I was there when I first started and no one here gave me a break. I just wanted pointers to the right direction, not insults. While I got over it, it can cause hard feelings. This is a community. Anyway, thanks for responding. Good Karma to you.

  9. Basically all things pertaining to Concentrates will be within that area.
    If you really wanna learn about wax, search isoHead Thread.
  10. If you trying to make BHO then YouTube "BHO extraction" . Look for methods that use glass tubes, good butane (power 5x is ok of your on a budget but I prefer Vector or Colibri) and also vacuum gas extraction . If you know anything about HVAC the you know that a vacuum pump works great for extracting gases (like freon from an AC unit) that will get you started but its not gonna be cheap and you need a large quantity of product before u can even think of making a decent amount.

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