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weed wax question/story

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by muuwt1, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. im from seattle and i went to cal poly for college. so summer after highschool my friends and i smoked all day everyday and i considered myself a pro until i came to cali. my roommate always likes to exaggerate everything he says and i was going to his hometown that weekend. he was like "man this guy youll meet, he smokes so much! way more than you!" i was like you douche shutup, ill probly own him. so we get there we get in the dudes car. he weighs me out a nice sack and then offers a smoke. im down of course. so he loads some whitewidow crossed with purple somthing and adds some hash on top. takes a fat rip out of a huge bong, and my room mate is in the back yelling about how fat of a hit it is. (he doesnt smoke btw) so i was like hand me that shit ill rape that bong. so i take as fat as hit as i can. and exhale. and then i was like...oh shit, im high already. but we pass the bong back and forth and after the second hit im pretty high. he proposes another bowl and ofcourse i cant turn it down. so he packs another and this time stabs a ball of wax with he key and smears it on the weed and hands it to me for greens. i took another fat hit and i was gone. i passed it back to him and he took a hit as big as the first. i was gone for the rest of the night. my fucking roommate drove back on 101 in super dense fog 90-100 flickering his headlights on and off. is was trippin..

    so when i got home i was like wtf was that last night. i looked up online what weed wax was and couldnt find it anywhere. i figured you would know here? whats the THC content on that? compared to hash and weed?

    first post i hope its not too boring
  2. Weed "wax"?

    Am I missing something?
  3. Hmm....I don't think there is such a thing....I even ran it into wiki and couldn't find something on it?? Maybe you misheard since you were so blazed?
  4. I can only assume that it was a ball or lump of softer hash. It also could have been jelly hash, which is honey oil mixed with kief.

    Some kinds and consistencies of hash could possibly be mistaken as wax, and it's usually quite potent (as you would probably agree ;))
  5. Maybe Budder?
  6. Butane hash oil or similar. It wasn't laced, I'm so fucking sick of people saying their bud was fucking laced.


  8. often people that make or smoke hash/oil alot refer to its consistency

    so if it was a waxy texture he called it wax
  9. i never said it was laced... i just got super high. im going to try to call the guy i smoked with and ill ask him what it is and its potency and ill post it.
  10. This thread deserves a bump. Although by this time it has probably been covered already. Anyway, this stuff has been around in Southern CA for some time now. Just picked some up for the first try :eek:

  11. ew that looks nasty, i wouldent smoke that shit :cool:
  12. [​IMG]

    Trust me man...you would. It's phenomenal.
  13. Idk all about buying it....but making it....thats an idea

    I could just see too many other things that i dont want to be smokin being put into that.

    How much does it cost?

    edit- what did it come in when you bought it? A baggie? i can see that bein messy
  14. It came as pictured. :smoking:
  15. I can't believe all you so called stoners haven't heard of OG wax, or wax in general. I happen to watch the weed report on youtube, this guy owns a weed dispensary in cali, he smokes all his stuff on camera in high def. anyways, i am interested in knowing how to make it as well.
  16. One of the best and most comprehensive guides to make all sorts of products out of your green, from hash, to honey oil and all the methods. THIS IS VERY COMPREHENSIVE.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV9zrVO8VxM&feature=related"]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  17. Sounds like BHO to me. When I made my first batch, it stayed gooey and sappy for the first couple of weeks, then it sort of dried out or some extra butane evaporated or something and it became waxy and chunky, less gooey.
  18. your a pro huh? why the fuck does it matter how much you smoke. If everyone gets high who cares how big of a hit you can take. sure its cool but you really consider yourself a pro?
  19. Old post dude
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