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Weed Wars!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeaveAndWish, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Any of you guys heard of this yet? I just saw the commercial for its premiere.

    Apparently it's about medical dispensaries and such. Sort of similar to the other shows on Discovery channel like Auction kings or Whale Wars or something lol. I don't know..that style.

    I guess it involves war among medical marijuana dispensaries and avoiding arrest and such.

    What do you guys think? It starts on Dec. 1st. at 10 pm

    [ame=]Watch "Weed Wars" on the Discovery Channel December 1, 2011 - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Sounds interesting, hope its on in uk
  3. Im gonna check it out. Lately Ive been wondering if the recent popularity of weed shows/specials will do good things for the cannabis scene or make the feds crackdown more.
  4. I hope it does for the MMJ industry what TV has done for the Pawn, cooking, cupcake, storage locker, crabbing and gold industries.

    Bring attention and interest! Therefore making more people aware of whats going on and able to form their own opinions sans government propaganda.
  5. Looks cool for sure.

    I'm going to have to write this down, i don't want to forget to watch it.
  6. Just saw the commercial this morning, looks pretty good.
  7. Yeah it actually caught me by surprise. To think that weed is becoming this popular and accepted by the public. Any sane government would have it legal by now.
  8. Definitively going to check this out! Thanks for post, bro!!!

  9. No problem, breh.
  10. I love Gold Rush!

  11. They never showed him eating the edible and driving. He was going to the conference, stopped by his dispensary to get some edibles, then they showed him driving. They never showed him eating one or said he ate it before driving. But it did show him say something along the lines of "I find eating a marijuana edible right before before going on stage helps me be relaxed." I know that's not exactly what he said but it did hint that he ate it right before, and not before driving.
  12. Your just love a story about a guy named Jack Imhoff constantly searching for the next great "glory hole." I love it too.

  13. I did watch the episode and he didn't. Jump to 1:40 and say I'm wrong.
    [ame=]Weed Wars Discovery Channel part 3 of 6 Harborside Health Center Episode 1 - YouTube[/ame]

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