Weed Wars - Discovery - Premier Thursday

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    I heard people talking about this show awhile back, didn't know if it would be aired or not, but looky there! Everyone tune in! Thoughts?


    About Weed Wars

    Oakland's Harborside Health Center is the nation's largest medicinal cannabis dispensary. Founder and executive director Steve DeAngelo has made twin missions of providing the best possible product to the patients who make up his client base, and educating the rest of the country about the regulation and taxation of those goods. WEED WARS takes an up close and personal look at the reality of running a controversial medicinal cannabis business.
  2. Hmmm I've seen commercials for this. Either they are going to make it very retarded, or very awesome. I'll definitely be tuning in for the premier.
  3. Premieres Thursday, December 1 at 10PM E/P on the Discovery Channel
  4. I'm a bit worried the show might give a negative image to potheads and discovery channel is one of the most watched channels
  5. Lets make this the official premiere thread for Weed Wars. :smoke:
  6. just post up when you see it amigo :smoke:
  7. Dvr'd

    I'll be smokin a blunt or two while enjoying the first episode
  8. oh, hell yes.
  9. 30 minute countdown ya diiiggg
  10. I got it autotuned so I don't forget!
  11. World's greatest dispensary...hands down.
  12. [quote name='"SourDeezel420"']World's greatest dispensary...hands down.[/quote]

    They may have the most patients but that doesn't mean they're the best.
  13. I heard they won best indica 2011.
  14. There's a lot of places that are better and have a better pricing
  15. Still got an hour to go, is it worth watching or should i watch it's always sunny and catch it later?
  16. [quote name='"Kevin08"']Still got an hour to go, is it worth watching or should i watch it's always sunny and catch it later?[/quote]

    I thought it was pretty good worth the watch I say watch it then sunny

  17. Watch sunny then weed wars later it's on twice
  18. Weed Wars was awesome! I can certainly relate to the sales guy who has that nagging mom. There is nothing shameful about helping thousands of patients per day at the age of 35. The mom even said she wished her son had a profession she could tell people about. I think the sales guy just feels bad because people look down on the canna business, even people in California.

    Maybe he will be a huge success once the Green Rush finally peaks.

    On another note, I think dispensaries should be for profit businesses. I don't think healthcare in general could survive if ALL of it were non-profit.
  19. Kinda cool seeing a club i go to on tv lol
  20. Did anyone else get bothered by the disclaimer before the show? WTF!!! Why does weed need a disclaimer when they don't have any for beer or pills commercials? And the brother of the main guy is not a good look, such a typical stoner :rolleyes:. His whole aliens finding the seeds in an apocalypse had me laughing so hard and just because i realized how stoned he was :devious:

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