Weed wars anyone?

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  1. Im warchin this new tv series 'weed wars' it looks pretty kool anyone else watching it or watched it already?
  2. Ya, I actually watched quite a bit of it tonight for the first time.

    Most likely wont ever watch it again. I don't know, the owners/staff dealing with the problems of there cannabis dispensary just isn't that interesting to me.

    And by the way, did you see the part where they had a REALLY crappy grow going? Like just straight up nutrient burnt stretched ass plants infested with pests?

    Looked like foot tall twigs with one shitty bud on top. No wonder there going bankrupt.
  3. haha snoop dogg made a 1 minute song called "weed wars" i was wondering wtf that was about. the theme song for this show durrrr

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAI4CQ3Ke58]SNOOP DOGG - WEED WARS - YouTube[/ame]
  4. watched it for the first time tonight, depicted some of the reasons why im against mmj legislation, much rather it be regulated like tobacco or alchohal, it'd be simpler in my view of things

  5. I don't think he was going to sell to them and he said he was new to growing
  6. 21 mil a year,and they don't got 1 mil.I smell bs,someone stashing those profits somewhere..

  7. That's called tax evasion and is very illegal even if they had no moral issue with it they wouldn't risk it due to the illegality of their business
  8. I thought op wanted to have a weed war.... How do you do that? It must be a sign of skinks....

  9. Who ever smokes the most wins
  10. indica vs sativa

    bum bum buuuuumm

  11. Sativa ftw
  12. To all the neigh sayers at least it's not about the drama you know like 99% of all business related reality shows
  13. I pretty much loose i dun got nun

  14. its non profit. the only dude who had a nice car was the one who was in the industry for 21 years i think he said. the other dudes car was pretty shitty to say the least, average car. i doubt there anywhere near rich.

  15. And it was a nice car but not a multi milion dollar car
  16. i noticed this about the cars too and have to say that i was glad that it wasn't shown like some dudes with flashy cars saying "oh no we don't make any money". Even the accountant was riding a motorcycle or scooter (i didn't pay that much attention).
  17. Fuck! i knew there was something significant about December 1st...
  18. the title of this thread gave an idea...

  19. 2 things, your sig is fucking spot on to a unmentionable visual...

    and, I saw this show yesterday, I liked it. It had alot of good information thrown into it, and shit it's a fucking weed show that's on national TV! If that doesn't mean times are changing, then I dont know what would!

    I like that bald guy, he grew some bomb ass shit "You know you grew some of the best shit in the world right?" the dudes just like, uhh yeah. haha :smoke:

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