Weed Vs Hangover

Discussion in 'General' started by PoRkChOpSmOke87, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Im curing a hangover as we speak and i heard if you smoke a blunt or joint wat have u, it actually gets rid of it, does it make it worse?? I need some insight b4 i try it :smoking:
  2. It really depends on my hangover. If I'm too queasy I smoke slow and steady as not to make the room spin. But if it's a headache and slight uneasiness it certainly helps.

  3. yea bro...weed is the cure for everything
  4. why do you have a hnagover in the evening?
  5. There has been a couple times where my hangover didn't finally go away until late the next night.

    Alcohol is a damn destructive drug. :mad:
  6. great idea. seems to help me every time...

  7. the perfect reason why i dont drink. ever.
  8. never heard that
  9. I think drinking can be very fun, but it definitely take a toll on my body.

  10. ^^^

  11. alcohol is a fucked up drug..at least the next morning it is but nothing beats smoking some herb when your drunk!! i love it.. u get in such in a better mood
  12. There have been times where smoking made it worse, I ended up with a beating headache for hours to no relief.

    1 thing that works everytime for me is Miso soup from a Japanese restaurant, or Pho from a vietnamese restaurant, or chicken broth. Miso works best, and it tastes the best.
  13. It can help but there are a lot of better ways to cure a hangover.
  14. Weed is my best strategy for curing a hangover. Works like a charm.
  15. Smoke weed right after you drink. That usually works to preventative hangovers before they start. That's always worked for me.

    Otherwise, just have a drink of water with every drink of alcohol (12oz per beer, 12oz per glass of wine, 12oz per shot of hard alcohol). Chug it if it makes you feel better.

    I've never smoked weed actually durring a hangover, I don't really drink that much. So I can't clarify if that works or not.

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