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weed vs girl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by listunt555, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. who would you choose? if she leaves the weed wil always be there;)
  2. Can she cook?:cool:
  3. If she can cook, clean, and bring me a Mountain Dew...We have a winner.:cool:
  4. Weed. Women complain wayyyy to much. I'am not saying men are perfect but women freak the fuck out if we watch porn for fucks sake.
  5. Depends on the girl but most of them time weed
  6. I've found one that likes to throw porn reviews my way, she won't pay for it though...Just the free streams, that's why I'll settle for nothing but second best if I can't have her.

    And second best just happens to have to cook, clean, and bring me a Mountain Dew...And don't leave my door open in the winter, woman, I'm not trying to heat the neighborhood.:cool:
  7. if she cant accept that i smoke it isnt meant to be anyway
  8. i'd take the girl, then I'd smoke weed with her
  9. I'd take the women of my dreams over the best weed grown any-day.

    Its kinda of weird to me if you would chose weed...:D
  10. Getting bitched at for not making enough money < Smoking weed.
    I mean I love pussy but women always think that men are the only damn problem.
  11. I would take the woman of my dreams over some weed but not just a girl.
  12. [ame][/ame]

  13. Exactly. +rep
  14. id pick the girl any day lmao but id pick some pussy over some bud but id rather just do both lol but if i had too pick ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^
  15. Every gets that girlfriend that wants them to stop smoking because they think its bad for them. I hate it. If a girl makes me choose between her and pot then it will always be pot :)
  16. Goddamn right! +rep:cool:
  17. The girl. It's just weed man, I'd much rather have the love of my life.
  18. Depends if I actually loved her, but no matter what, I'm always going to be deep in love with Mary Jane :smoke:

  19. +rep, love is better than anything weed can ever make you feel.

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