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Discussion in 'General' started by Jackolover, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. Hey everybody. I'm new to this forum. I've been a weed and cigarette smoker for 15 years. I smoke weed every day. I quit cigarettes 2 1/2 months ago and I'm doing great, barely have cravings. I really have tried to dedicate myself to being as healthy as possible so I bought a glass water bong and decided to only smoke out of that (or my pipe if I'm not at home, but usually am home). I smoke about a bowl or two a night depending on the stuff. I think that the fact that I still smoke weed has made it easy to quit cigarettes even though I was a big nicotine addict, I really feel cured. The thing is, I feel sort of guilty and I guess I'm looking for someone to tell me I'm not an imposter. I post a lot on my quit smoking message boards but I feel like I'm lying. I'm technically still a smoker, but I'm not a cigarette smoker (won't ever smoke a blunt or joint). I use the bong cuz I read that's the safest way to smoke for your lungs. What do you guys think? Do you think it makes a difference? My thing is, I didn't turn to weed after quitting cigs, I was already a pothead, lol. Has anybody else quit cigs and stayed with pot?

    Thanks for reading, see you around.
  2. hey,
    I read some where that bongs don't really help filter out anything, so it doesnt really make a difference. dont feel guilty man love da mary jane! keep tokin
  3. Smoking weed isn't like smoking cigarettes at all. And it's not like smoking cigarettes is immoral or anything, just dumb. And when you say you've stopped smoking it's generally understood that you mean cigarettes, not weed.

    Oh and smoking out of a pipe isn't any better than a joint.
  4. I quit smoking cigarettes too, I'm "cured!"

    I would have to say you're technically not cheating the quitting smoking thing, because you are addicted to nicotine, which is an agent you don't find in marijuana ~ not to mention all the additives and crap in cigarettes that contribute to the detriment of your health...

    The water bong may filter out some of the nasty stuff, but I don't know if it's going to do much good, I have a hard time taking phat hits because a touch of asthma I have, so I like my lil pipes nice 'n' fine because I can control how much smoke I take in without feeling bad that I'm burning too much weed(keep in mind we smoke out of a 2-footer bong, so maybe smaller bongs would work for me).

    Anyway, marijuana and cigarettes are two totally different things, I know being a potsmoker eases the edge of quitting smoking, so you may have had it easier but it's not cheating or lying really... IMHO anyway! :D
  5. Thanks for your responses. Whatever lingering guilt I might feel I'll get over, lol, I'll always love my weed!

    Ganjaphish, I hear you about taking controlled hits, I've become such a pro at my bong, I can take small hits, big hits, whatever but whenever friends come over they usually have to run into the other room coughing, lol. I have a real kewl pipe for those out on the town occasions also but truly feel the hits are much stronger.

    Anyway see you around!
  6. Cigarettes are made to addict. Stopping that nicotine addiction is so hard. I'll never quit smokin trees... but by god never another cigarette...any way i hear those things will kill ya GOOD LUCK!!! P.S. I miss NYC. Smoke some weed for me new york...
  7. You bet I'll smoke one for ya! I've got so much weed right now it's ridiculous, I'm always afraid I won't be able to get but of course it's feast or famine, looks like I've got a feast for at least the next 2 months :)
  8. It sucks to go without...I grew up in the bronx and went to school on the lower west side of manhattan, so as you know i was never without...but then i came to vegas...fuc n famine the desert was dry but "thank god" that has changed... well that feast should keep you off the cigarettes...But will it keep you away from the kitchen? peace ...
  9. Yeah watch out for those munchies, man! When I quit smoking, I used weed to help me along, and to keep my hands and mouth occupied, I would munch, or suck hard candy, or just munch, and I gained weight!
    Quitting can do it to ya ~ :)
    Watch out for the munchie monsters lol nah it ain't that bad :)
    How's the quitting going along?
  10. Going strong, thanks for asking. Christmas will be 3 months off the sickerettes (lol). It was like an epiphany once I realized how pointless and debilitating smoking cigarettes was. I thought I enjoyed it so much, so much that I was willing to risk everything for that cigarette, no, not that one cigarette but all those thousands, millions, billions of cigarettes. It's a pointless merry go-round and I've never felt healthier, happier, freer in my life.

    Okay, I've also become somewhat evangelistic, lol.

    Seems kind of funny, I'm so militant now about cigarettes but I'm 100% dedicated to weed..... lol, like I always say, if you're gonna smoke, at least get high from it!
  11. hi! i hope i have just what your after The Arp-Med "a completely new type of inhalator, with the Aro-Med, therepists and anyone who uses medicinal herbs now have a device which permits the safest known inhalation. the AroMEd extracts active ingredients direct from fresh or dried herb" (scary part is that it costs £250) you do get cheaper things so check out the site THC
  12. whats up everybody..........i think smoking out a pipe or bong is safer because when you smoke out of a joint or blunt you are smoking the leaf and paper........when you smoke out of a pipe which is my smoking choose, your only smoking the weed and not paper.

    stay high
  13. hey jackolover, sounded almost as if you were describing me in the original post. Except perhaps you've been a little more successfull than i have. I keep lapsing. Damn backy companies ... Damn Government.

    There was a study done that sugested that smoking bongs was as bad as smoking joints. This was worked out from the ratio of THC to carcinogens that were inhaled by a machine that mimiked regular use. Thing is... I'm not entirely certain that they took into consideration everything that was in the smoke that came out the other side, like the burning of the paper in joints for example. Then of course you have to consider how much smoke are you wasting... and since bongs are super efficient.... BONGS RULE!!!! ITS OFFICIAL! lol ... but beyond that...

    Vaporisers dude! Havn't tried any yet, but word is they kick ass over anyother method. And if u were tokin on a vapo you wouldn't technically be smoking! ... then u got no excuse for this unesissary guilt... hehe :)

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