Weed vs alchol vs tobacco

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  1. I am doing a term paper on the effects of weed compared to the effects of alchol and tobacco. I would like to know if anyone can give me some facts that support my theies which is that weed is acrually a safer sunbtances to use rather than a beer or anytype of alchol and tobacco. I need a good source for factual stuff too (maybe a website could help).
  2. Check out the link in my sig...it has all the info you'll need!
  3. Try erowid... I forget the address. Think it's http://www.erowid.org

    not sure tho. Oh and I would like to make a small contribution myself. Firstly tobbacco is nasty shit. Weed is far less carconagenic and a whole lot less to cause other problems than tobacco- and chemicaly it is not addictive- altho some people who smoke it with tobbacco. Alcohol btw is also very bad in comparison with weed. Firstly it is possible to od on alcohol- with weed it is possible but the amount you'd need to kill a mouse is about 40000 times the amount needed to intoxicate a human- THAT'S A LOT OF JOINTS!!!! Secondly it could cause long term liver damage to drink lots of alcohol over time- don't think there are any MAJOR long term effects physicaly if you smoke weed- not sure. If you bake there is probably nothing it can do to the body. However if you take a lot over time it could cause mental problems- but if you have grown up in a stable environment and are basicly sound of mind then it's ok. Mentaly weed is A LOT BETTER than some of the anti depressants that psychiatrists!

    Take prozac for example which in most cases stops it's users from feeling any emotion AT ALL- AND IS VERY ADDICTIVE. I have several friends of the family who have studied psychotherapy and have Phds in the subject so beleive me when i tell you that the anti depressants thing is true. Look up the negative effects of prozac on the web if you can. Compare THOSE with weed- THOSE ARE EVEN THINGS THAT WE RECCOMEND !!!!MENTALY UNSTABLE!!!! PEOPLE TO TAKE!!!!

    Anti Anti Depressant links:

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