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Weed txt to wrong person?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by l30ng, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. hi, i just sent my friend a picture text message of 2 ounces, saying i would sell him some if he wanted some, BUT turns out his old # is now his moms # (lol, just my luck) and im not sure how to approach the situation, no names were used though, i was thinking about texting his mom saying some bullshit like "wait, this isnt paul"? or some shit like that (his name isnt Paul Obviously)... i need some advice... can they trace my #?
  2. is "sorry, wrong number, won't happen again" not good enough ?
  3. wow thats how you go to jail. and ya you prolly will be going to jail in the near future.
  4. Did she reply? If not I wouldn't bother. I doubt she's gonna call the police and tell them a strange number texted her a picture of weed.
  5. Say something like April fools and the to the Paul thing. Try to play it off, either try and get a laugh or something wow you got yourself in a weird situation lol
  6. Worse comes to worst, say someone else was using your phone. Cliché, I know, but there's no way they can prove you're lying.
  7. a dealer let them come to you...seeking sales will get ya hemmed up
  8. If you sent the txt, whoever received that txt has your number. What they choose to do with that info is completely on them. Sure cops could be called, but is she the kind of person to call the cops? I'd go with block that number, change yours and hope for the best.
  9. Go to a website called Wrong Number Texts, don't do anything those people do. LEARN! Never send people pictures of weed. I got in trouble doing that once.

    I assume they know who you are. Just deal with things as they happen, I don't know what else to tell you.
  10. haha! fuck me i properly lol'd, oh god, i don't know man but that is fucking funny, holy mac
  11. New thread:

    Some dumb motherfucker just sent a weed pic to my mom's cell (formerly my cell) and asked if I wanted to buy any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mom's on the phone with military school fml!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Ya you probably just got that kid iv trouble lol
  13. this is sum funny shit

    that kid gonna get a mouthful from his mother tonite
  14. hahaha
  15. hmmm.. a mouthful you say
  16. tell her youll hook her up fat if she keeps her mouth shut
  17. Haha i've done that before. My friend used my phone to text his mom cause his died, and later I accidentally texted the # cause we were supposed to burn. I said the exact same thing exact I think the name I used was joe.
  18. Well, you DID dial the wrong number, so just say that.
    Did you warn your friend?
  19. If you're going to talk to someone about weed actually TALK to them. Call and speak with them. You NEVER text someone a picture of marijuana. Idk what else to tell you. It all depends on that kid's mom.

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