Weed truly does make the pain go away...

Discussion in 'General' started by cuatro veinte, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I have something inside my mouth on my gums that hurts like a bitch! I think it's a blister or of that nature.

    And you see it's been slightly painful the whole day and when eating or drinking it hurts a little more.

    Not so long ago I met up with my homies and smoked 2 fat blunts. And I forgot I even had that thing for the time being.

    So it makes me remember that whenever I'm hurt for whatever reason weed makes it a whole lot better. It really is a great and effective medicine. I love it.
  2. shit is medicine for a reason dog. whenever im sick/injured/sore a good sesh always makes me feel better.
  3. weed makes any problem go away i love it
  4. Weed is indeed great for physical pain, but I've found it doesn't do anything for emotional pain. Quite frankly, though, I think that's a good thing.
  5. Well it does for me kinda in a way. If I've been through a shitty day (not too shitty of course) then a sesh with my favorite green bud actually helps cheer me back up again.
  6. yes it does do something for emotional pain. i seen my x-girl that i havent seen in 4 years...and all she said was hi....and i had to stare at her to make her say that lmao
    kinda hurt me tho...smoked some lizzim...and all the pain went bye bye:wave:
  7. Physical pain, IE back pain and the pain is mild and you(I) smoke cannabis the pain becomes more focused on and thus the pain is worse.. I experience this and others.

    As for a headache, cannabis works great for me and others.. Just like they say drink some coffee for a headache it opens up the blood, cannabis can do it much quicker and doing the same thing and more so...

    And for emotional pain, It benefits and has the negatives that we all have experienced. When I am stressed out, have anxiety, cannabis helps but for some including myself you could get the opposite effect and have anxiety, paranoia probably due to suppression of feelings where we get the feelings perspective of viewing yourself through almost a 3rd party view of those feelings of suppression.

    we see so many users here say they get paranoia, delusional thinking which are not really that uncommon effects from cannabis from time to time but when it happens all the time and so they take a tollerence break, come back and smoke again and still experience these thoughts of paranoia so they take even longer breaks, 6 months or a year and still experience so then they quit smoking cause the experience is no longer fun.. I think about this a lot, something happens and causes this, We really don't know what THC is and exactly whats going on in our brains, When I smoke, smoke with caution due these experiences..
  8. Your homies are really going to appreciate that, I hope they can continue to be able to afford weed to mask the pain that they will start feeling in their mouths.
  9. nah, it's pretty good for that, but not nearly as good as alcohol
  10. you where just distracted from it for that time being. when it was done, and when you left, it prolly just popped up in your mind again. but yeah weed does help with the pain.

    EDIT: post 2,700. damn i thought i'd be kicked out by now.
  11. yeah its great for a sucky skate border
  12. I had surgery on my shoulder a few years ago, and the doctor perscribed me Vicodin of course.

    I sold the bottle for a couple ounces of weed, which worked ten times better. :D
  13. Weird, some people experience this and some don't like a 50/50.. now vics and weed is a nice warm combo though.

  14. I don't know. It's not that the pain really goes away as much as I forget about it while I'm high. It'll be on my mind until I smoke and then I forget about it until I'm sober again.
  15. :( I am the half where when I have pain, the cannabis shows me exactly where it is at and increases the pain it seems :D Ive talked to a few others that experienced the same, if my back hurts, say lower sciatica and I am sitting and smoke, it will not kill the pain, if I am laying down, yes I will be able to sleep.

    A lot of studies allways indicate that statement, the person will be able to sleep easier with the pain, but maybe it does kill the pain, I take 15mg of hydrocodone I can say the pain is gone, I can't say it the other way around.
  16. so your 'cautious' about smoking weed but have no problem downing hydrocodone?

  17. downing hydrocodone meaning " taking it like candy " no Ive never taken hydrocodone like that and do not take it daily and "I do not have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem " Dr House ]

    Meaning of it was what kills pain.

    Cannabis does not kill pain for me, different types of pain, yes like a headache I can say it will kill the headache, other pains no.

    Hydrocodone, back pain, muscle pain, yes it kills the pain, I take hydrocodone that is 10mgHydrocodone/325mgAPAP, passes through the liver very clean and not very toxic at all.

    And of course of cautious about both, I use cannabis daily, I use hydrocodone as needed. If I were to be taking hydrocodone daily I feel it may have some effects on the brain aside from the liver and since I take cannabis daily, I use with caution too from what I know from both.
  18. Yea, good stuff guys. It feels better now.

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