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Weed Transport

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FLB123, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Whats up guys,

    So im heading back to school on saturday and i have a zip that i need to transport from new york to PA. however my parents are driving and not crazy about the "risk" of transporting bud across state lines. I used to have a mason jar but i need a more creavtive scentless way to get this shit to school. I was thinking just saran wrapping the shit out of it in a glass container. just figured we could use stoner innovation to figure out this plan.
  2. Why not just buy another mason jar?
    That is your best bet
  3. I dont have the funds for another mason jar bruh, I would if i could
  4. Man you're SOL
    I mean I guess you could wrap it up multiple times with zip lock bags if those are available to you.
  5. How much does an empty glass jar cost lol !!! You could look in the pantry for something in a glass jar, eat it wash the jar and use that too.
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  6. Hahaha mom and dad know your gonna have weed and wont help you make sure you all dont catch heavy charges if you get pulled over and found out in a state that doesnt tolerate weed? Sounds like you should get your priorities in check bud. Go "give" away gram and get yourself some jars man.

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