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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Jbabe026, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. My fiance transports his weed from where he grows to our house in trash bags. Well he left them in trash bags for too long before hanging them and now they are very damp and just do not look good. Is there any way to save them?
  2. If they are not moldy, then all is needed is air drying until ready for curing.

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  3. I'd heavily inspect everything, but ICGreen is completely correct. As long as it isn't moldy, it shouldn't be too far gone. Air dry and cure.
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  4. I'm really hoping they aren't moldy! Would setting up a fan be a good idea?
  5. A lot also depends on your location specific variables.
    Humidity temperature, etc.
    A fan would likely help, but be careful they don't dry too fast, or primarily dry out the outside of the bud and leave too moist of a center.
    Proper curing can detect those buds that need extra drying.

    These are the basics and I am definitely not (anywhere near) an expert, so I'll STFU and let the pros take over.

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  6. Trust me, you'll be able to smell if they're moldy. The smell of ammonia can't be missed.

    You'll want airflow, but not much. A basic fan on the lowest setting is perfect. don't point any fans at the buds. You don't want direct air blasting on your buds, it'll cause them to dry out too quick and ruin them. You just want a little airflow in the area they're drying
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    what he said
  8. Ok thank you!
  9. people dry there weed then put them in black bags and it brings all the moisture from center of bud to outside then rehang them to dry again.

    all you've done at a guess is bring moisture out.

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