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Weed too fine bad for bowl/bong??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ultramaxx, May 3, 2023.

  1. I was wondering if it was possible to be too finely ground?
  2. What are you grinding with? I've never seen someone have so many problems with their equipment? I can smoke any weed, out of any thing, any place, and any time. Potatoes, apples, coke cans, schwag, mids, grinder, no grinder. It's not difficult.
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  3. What now?
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  4. Lol it don't matter, it all comes down to personal preference. I know some that have used a coffee grinder to turn that shit into powder just about. Others I've known won't even break the bud up at all and just shove it in their bowls. I personally don't like grinders and just use my fingers to break up my bud. If it burns and you can smoke it, you are doing it right.

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  5. I add a little apple about half an inch to my fine weed pouch,
    fine dries way too fast the apple coagulates it
    gives it a flavor too

    good luck
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  6. So it could be drying out from being to small?
    It’s just overly ground loud , I didn’t grind it that way it came that way .. maybe I’ll use it to top off bowls . My dad said I could have some , and it’s better grade than the mids I’ve got mostly . I couldn’t say no hehe I never touched it before .
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  7. How old are you Billy?
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  8. If it comes in a plastic baggie just transfer it to a little jar if you can, like a baby food jar, or bigger depending how much you got. You'll be alright. If you wanna rehydrate it at all just use a small piece of lettuce, or a humidity pack if you have one on hand. Brings it back without messing with the flavor.

    Used to rehydrate shit brown weed back in the day with orange peels but if you got good weed I wouldn't wanna mess with the flavor adding anything crazy.

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  9. I agree, many reasons exist, but too dry means you cough more
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  10. Ahh I see this is the shake/ground up stuff. Can smell the aroma definitely good stuff . Maybe not the best but decent..
    2249065B-879C-4BDD-A6D1-EC02650FE6AE.jpeg 9EA1BBBF-C5A4-4A03-BEF5-B7DF85665DB4.jpeg
    32 just 7 days after 4/20!!
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  11. I prefer it.
    But I throw a nug in there to prevent it from collapsing too early.

    The finely ground bud burns excellent, I thinks it's more efficient.

    I pack snappers only, don't like passers for some reason, all that smoke rising from a bowl is wasted weed.
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