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Weed tolerance!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Angelical, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. First off, my favorite part of the year to smoke is during college, as a way of relaxing after tests ect. I don't smoke a lot, mabye once a week. I once had some dankk ass orange kush. only two hits and i was superrr fucked up, with thoughts like "am I in a dream?" Note: i wasn't paranoid, it felt AMAZINGLY HIGH! Honestly, i didn't enjoy it much. Does this go away after increasing tolerance, or mabye should I switch to mids? Also, when I'm not high I love to laugh, have fun ect. But when I'm high, I just feel lazy and i never laugh, i just have a complete poker face. Help Please!!!
  2. Well when you smoke more you get more comfortable with those feelings. Me personally, I like them. So I'm kinda the opposite of you. But smoking more often definitly makes tolerance go up.
  3. Your tolerance will slowly build each time u smoke, but its a good thing to have a low tolerance, the first few times i've ever smoked weed were the best.
  4. Try doing shit fun like amusement parks or somethin when your high maybe you will enjoy it more cause when I smoke and then just sit and watch tv I feel the same way, just lazy but when I go out with friends I'm alot more happy and stuff

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