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Weed tolerance help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by wizardyang, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. first of all id like to say I'm new to "Grasscity" and have never posted on forums before.

    I have been a weed smoker for 5-6 years now and i was smoking about 1/4 - 1/2 oz a day of gooood weed. but i had to stop smoking cause i moved into my girlfriends parents house. i stopped smoking for about 3-4 months untill i got my own place.
    now every time i have a bong hit or even 1 puff of a joint i feel VERY sick and i dont enjoy it anymore and i feel scared to smoke now which sucks, because i run rave parties and im a DJ and all of my friends are smoking weed around me and its a horrible feeling now not being able to smoke.

    so if there any ways that i can build my tolerance back up quickly without feeling sick?
  2. Welcome to the forums! I know the feeling you have, and I feel it the first few times after a Tbreak. Honestly just give it some time.
    I also find that when I smoke alone, my tolerance feels higher, and I can handle more hits. Not sure if anyone else feels the same way though.
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  3. I'm not sure what's going on, but I can relate in a somewhat different way. I took almost a whole year's break from toking, after toking daily for 5 years, and have recently begun enjoying the ganja again on an occasional basis. I smoked a J yesterday and got so unbelievably stoned; it wasn't the type of 'pleasant stoned' one would expect from smoking some good bud; I was very dizzy, nauseous, and blurred in my vision.

    Of course, these can sometimes occur with smoking period, but I never experienced any of them when I used to toke...or at least, I can't remember if I did or not? I'd say try it again, maybe take a smaller hit or smoke weaker bud, and if you have the same reaction, look more deeply into it.
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  4. Nice use of numbers, blade. Makes the story seem realer than life. Welcome, to the city of all cities!
  5. i have tried to smoke weaker weed, ive been given a big ol' bag of leaf "trim" and it still gets me too high.
    its 420 today and im missing out on my fave yearly celebration. i guess ill have to keep pushing it and pushing it
  6. that is true, when i do smoke alone i feel better, but i live with my girlfriend and she's going through the same thing as me.

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