Weed + tobacco out of a bong = worst decision Ive ever made

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    So last night I go over to a friend's place to smoke weed for my 3rd time.  His friend offers to pack me a "chop" which is just weed and tobacco. I don't think it's a big deal so I say yes. I milked the smoke all the way to the top of the tube on their bong and inhaled. Almost immediately I felt like I was going to throw up. They only live a few doors down so I just left and managed to stumble into my room where my roommate is chilling. At this point the room is starting to spin and I laid down in my bed. The room starts spinning intensely and I get this weird tingling sensation all around my body as well as a weird numbness. I found myself clenching my jaw and sticking my tongue to the roof of my mouth. It also felt like stomach acid was in the back of my throat. I grabbed my trash bin in case I threw up. I  was afraid that I couldn't talk or move my body but I could. After about 30 minutes of that I managed to fall asleep and I woke up four hours later and my pillow was soaked in sweat but at least I was sober again. It's almost 21 hours later and I still feel off and slightly lightheaded and dizzy. I was so worried about what happened last night that I skipped all my classes and actually called poison control to see if I needed to do anything. They weren't much help. I honestly think that I might go to student health tomorrow if I'm still feeling slightly lightheaded and off my game. This whole experience has made me not want to smoke weed or even drink alcohol again. 

  2. eww your friends smoke tobacco out of bongs? holy nuts.
    and even worse, simultaneously with cannabis? ay caramba!
    slap your buddy the next time you see them and let them know
    they are dicks for doing that to you.
  3. Don't.... do that... then?
    Oh trust me I'm never doing that again. It was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. My friend has actually talked about how terrible chops are and how he hates smoking with his friends because that's all they do so I should've just turned it down. 
    I think you just grew up in that sentence.
    fight the peer pressure and use your own mind.
    it's okay to have your own opinions and to deny
    anothers when pressured.
  6. A lot of people do this.  The fact that you want to smack someone because they take brs of tobacco w/ weed makes me feel like you don't get out much.  Some people enjoy the feeling of tobacco.  Don't be a douche because some enjoy an unhealthy habit. I'm sure you eat fast food every once in a while.
    OP knew there was baccy in the bowl and it was his own decision to try it.
    Oh I knew there was tobacco in the bowl. It wasn't even my first time using nicotine, I've smoked and vaped a few times before and gotten the headrush but it was nothing like this. There were a couple times when I honestly thought I needed to call an ambulance. 
  8. You sure your friend's friend wasn't fucking with that synthetic "weed"? Or are you not normally a tobacco smoker?
  9. It's cool I used to smoke a lot of those I don't anymore.  I have had a couple friends puke from it, it's not meant for everyone.  I guarantee if your try it again without milking it so much that you will enjoy it.
    My suggestion though is to never take any bong rips with tobacco again because it's highly addictive.
    Nah I brought the weed. Pretty dank stuff. Im not usually a tobacco smoker. The last time I smoked a cigarette was a couple months ago at a party. I guess it's possible that they put something else in the bowl but my friend was watching them pack it the hole time. I'll ask him when I see him later today.
  11. Plenty of people here in Australia smoke their weed out of bongs mixed with tobacco. Weed mixed with tobacco is said to be 'spun'. If you aren't a cigarette smoker it will give you a big head spin when you take a big hit. I try this every now and then when one of my cigarette smoking friends decides to spin the weed. I kinda enjoy the head spin but I guess it isn't for everyone. The unhealthiness of tobacco deters me from doing this too. Interestingly though, I have read studies where the incidence of cancer within two groups of people were compared - tobacco smokers, and people who smoke both tobacco and weed. The people who smoked tobacco and weed were significantly less likely to get cancer than those who smoked only tobacco. It would seem that weed has a protective effect against the carcinogenic properties of tobacco.
  12. I doubt they put anything else in.. I just know there are still people out there smoking synthetic. Sounds like you just went into a nicotine overload. Weed amplifies like everything.. maybe not so much for habitual smokers and tobacco, but someone who doesn't smoke often will probably feel the amplification pretty good.
    I've experienced tobacco headspin from cigarettes before and this was just so intense it feels like it was a different animal. This was so bad that I couldn't walk straight for a half hour and I had the worst dizziness of my life. It was insane. I also had this tingling sensation running up and down my body and it felt like it was in my bones too.
    Yeah I've been looking at the symptoms of nicotine poisoning all day and some of them seem to match what I was going through so I think it's possible I could've had that.
  15. I pitty them, but you are right.

    apologies. to each their own.
  16. You just suffered from major head spin from the tobacco. You weren't poisoned. Here in Australia nearly everyone puts weed with their tobacco and smoke it through a bong, if your not used to it, then that's what happens. I smoked like this for many years. But I no longer do as I quit cigarettes. I can not tell you how many times I greened out smoking pot like this! I also couldn't tell you how many times I said "I'm never doing that again". Pot is great to smoke you just need to find your happy medium. Mine is eating it. You should bucket bongs with your pot mixed with tobacco! Now that gives you a fucking head spin! Lol!

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  17. Dude thats awesome :") made me feel less guilty about smoking an illicit substance haha cheers bud x

    "Im A High flyer.
    A real Striker.
    Im a feline, female underactive,
    HUGZZ :3
  18. You'll be fine. We call em poppers where I'm from. My first one I took without knowing since my friends packed the tobacco under the weed and told me to snap it all through thinking it was just weed so I did. After I took the hit out of a good bong I felt incredibly dizzy, tingly, lightheaded, and extremely nauseous. I sat with my head down knowing I was going to throw up for like 5 minutes so I got up and threw up all over outside. After that I felt so good like basically my first time ever smoking weed and getting high. I did feel kind of cloudy the next few days but there's nothing to worry about. Tobacco isn't as harmful as people make of it, its just your body isn't used to it.
  19. If your new to smoking weed and don't smoke tobacco the 2 together will be like double trouble, I dot smoke tobacco but live in the uk where 95% of people who smoke weed smoke it in spliffs with tobacco so every now and then I get a hot of it by accident and it gives me an intense baccy rush, and makes me feel sick, and it's so harsh on the throat too

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