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Weed to Hash Ratio

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ChronicPooper, May 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I dont grow, but I am planning to in the new future. I have exactly 3.5 g's of some dank bud. However, I want to convert it to Hash because the bud is very airy and too fluffy i think. How much hash might yield from that?
  2. Well if im not mistaken, hash is just the compressed form of kief. And in my case i have a grinder w/ a kief catcher, and u have to grind up a good 1/4 to 1/2 oz. to see any real build up in the kief catcher. So with 3.5g of dank, u may see a thin film of kief in the bottom of your grinder.

    So maybe like .1g or .2g of hash
  3. eh alright. Then I wont do it. I guess its not worth it.
  4. Yeah, I wanted to do the same thing with my dank but i did a little research and found out it wasnt worth it. Your better off just buying some hash its like $30 per g around here
  5. Yea, Thanks alot for the info!
  6. 3.5 grams will not give you much hash but it would give you some depending on your method. The normal ratio is around 10 grams for 1 gram of hash, but you can do multiple runs to get more out of it (not much more though). The easiest way I know of to make "hash" is to put the bud into an electric coffee grinder, kind of like this one:
    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Krups-GX4100-Electric-Coffee-Grinder/dp/B0007Y6BQQ]Amazon.com: Krups GX4100 Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    Just grind up the herb and use a brush to get the keif from the plastic top. Because of static electricity the keif will float up.
    This gets quit a bit more keif then a grinder will collect because a grinder does not nearly irritate the bud to the same extent. Just press the keif in some cellophane or some other packaging and use a heated but not hot knife to press it. If the knife (butter knife) is to hot it will melt the plastic to your keif thus ruining the entire final product. Test the knife on a piece of test plastic before pressing. People may bitch and play with semantics saying this isn't hash but it is. It's not as high quality hash as black hash or bubble hash, but it only takes a few minutes and leaves you smokable herb.:D
  7. I heard from a dealer in amsterdam at a coffeeshop (The Bushdoctor) that it takes about 100,000 plants to make 1000 grams of hash (1 kilogram), so figure 0.01 grams for an entire plant. Just smoke your bud lol
  8. that dealer was talking out his ass can-a-bliss lol no easier way to put it.

    3.5g isnt enough to make hash with really.

    Also to add to ¿Кактебязовут?'s post above, instead of using a hot knife a safer way is to fill a wine bottle or similar glass water with warm water, and then roll this over the cellophane.

    It can also be done quickly in the oven by wrapping the celophane in wet paper. Theres many methods.... but uve nowhere near enough sorry m8

  9. Yea I think your right, I would imagine you would get a little more than 0.01 of kief when properly collected from 1 plant. Maybe he said 1,000 plants or something. I was really high there lol.
  10. even still 1000 plants to make 1000 grams of hash. Thats proposterous in my opinion. In my area, We grow outdoors and get 2+ pounds per plant(maxed out at 6.43 pounds in one plant. 2 pounds or 908 grams and that generally gets us anywhere from 60-225 grams of the best hash or hash oil you'll smoke. freebase a spoon full(about 4 grams) of that shit and you'll be high for a few days if you can stay awake. generally though If you are a normal buyer and don't have unlimited supplies of bud then just take a small .1-.3 gram piece off your hash depending on how high you wanna get and pack that ontop of a nice fat bong bowl. Smoke that and you've smoked the equivalent of 3-6 bowls. here's a general ratio 10-25% the weight of weed is thc. however, Hash or hash oil is nearly 100% thc if made correctly but some extraction methods don't get 100% of the thc out(our method gets 99% or more every time). I can say, We have done small tests of turning 1, 5, and 10 grams out bud into hash and we always get the same ratios when using the same bud. I can always say I prefer hash over hash oil and if i ever had only a few grams of bud I would turn that shit into hash in an instant. PM me if you have any questions
  11. 102.88 ounces off 1 plant ??? wow got pics ?

    What extraction method u use ?
  12. [quote name='... a safer way is to fill a wine bottle or similar glass water with warm water, and then roll this over the cellophane. [/QUOTE']

    Good advice I'v never thought of doing it this way. :smoke:
  13. Necro'd.........
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    people on this thread are spouting out some CRAZY numbers.

    i recently QWISO'd 21 grams of some shitty "work" style buds - i received 3.8 grams of oil.

    an eighth wouldnt be worth it. i wouldnt make hash with anything less than a half ounce.


    edit: i hate it when people bring up old threads and i dont notice it
  15. Holy woah! A 3 year old thread that I was subscribed too...talk about a blast from the past.

    18% return sounds about right OSUB.
  16. I'm making a diy honey bee type extractor and was wondering would:

    -I be able to use a long, sturdy (not disposable) plastic water bottle (2 1/2 inch diameter, 9 inch length), with three holes in the top (one for the nozzle and other two for excess gas), a coffee filter, and the lid which has a large hole to hold the filter on. Or maybe just elastics?

    -It be worth it to use 3 grams of high grade bud, 3 grams of high grade shake, and 40 grams of stems to make the BHO (using Colibri), and also about how much would it yield?

    I just got a couple pen vapes and this is really all I got kickin around so..
  17. plastic + butane = nono, now find another thread.

    Sometime I have <7% with BHO of shake, pure shatter though...

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