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Weed timetable to maintain peak highness.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by didier12, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I need a seasoned toker to help me get the most out of my weed.
    Someone who has smoked lots of weed in there years and using there own personal experience can create a weed smoking timetable that will make you feel high all day, that leaves you feeling high all day but without burning you out, I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like a timetable like this to use a guide.

    Timetable Example:

    9.00 AM: Smoke 3 bowls
    11.00 Am: Smoke 2 bowls
    01.00 PM: Smoke 3 bowls and so on.

  2. Based on this Erowid Cannabis (Marijuana) Vault : Effects

    you would probably have to smoke roughly every thirty to forty-five minutes to maintain that peak highness. It would change person to person based on tolerance and bud obviously. Even if you constantly smoke throughout the day I don't think you'll be able to escape that burned out feeling though.
  3. Do this man

    9:00 AM:Smoke 1 bowl
    9:45 Am: Smoke 1 bowl
    10:30 AM: Smoke another
    12PM: Smoke 2more

    Something along those lines
  4. You don't need any sort of time table. Smoke when you feel like it.

  5. This.
  6. im sure you can do
    1-3 hits 9am. until you feel it hitting you.
    whenever you feel like enhancing it take another hit or two.
    and just do that all day..
  7. just wait til you don't feel high anymore, or start to feel like ur coming down, then smoke again

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