Weed Tickets in New York?

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  1. So I know that NY state has decriminalized the possession of marijuana. The law says that any possession under 28 grams only results in a ticket, but I'm kinda skeptical. Has anyone in new york state, and especially new york city, ever been given JUST a ticket for possession from a cop? Or do you know of any stories about getting tickets? Hell, even if you have an arrest story in new york state I wanna hear it. I've been getting really paranoid lately carrying weed on me. They're only very small amounts, no more than a gram and I don't carry baggies or anyhing so they can't pin me with intent to sell, but I still think the fucking nypd would find something to nab me with :mad:
  2. I'm not sure if it's the same in the city but upstate i've had tons of friends get what they call UPN's which are posession tickets.
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    If by "just given a ticket" you mean jumped by undercover, face slammed into the sidewalk, huge scene of people screaming and cursing the cops out calling them animals and the such, brought back to precinct and mugshot taken/finger printed, and the left with a court summons....(dodged being sent to central holding for 24h which was nothing short of a miracle.)


    by the way, in case anyone wondering what brought this incident about, I was walking down the street, saw a corner store went to turn into it to buy a blunt, suddenly some butch DT chick grabs me by the arm, didn't identify herself as an officer, i pulled by arm out of her grip and asked "what the fuck are you doing?" other officer pops up, doesn't identify himself either, face in pavement, cops knee in my neck saying "move and I'll break your fucking neck"

    In other words, I wasn't doing shit, just a case of Profiling
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  4. it's like they still want the rush of making a big scene while they take down these "criminals" as they say; they don't know how to handle themselves once they're not even required to do that anymore

  5. How much are the tickets, do you know? And do you know what exactly they had on them? Weed? Papers? Blunts? I gotta know

    Did you have any weed on you? And I'm guessing you're black or latino
  6. 2 days ago my friend got a ticket for marijuana possession, $225. The cop told the four of us to split it.
  7. OP, one friend had a pipe and some weed and it was like $100. Other people have had just bud. Upstate a lot of the time they just make you destroy it tho, unless you are a dick.
  8. hah, yeh, hence the Blunt I going into the store to buy. Wasn't planning on sparking it around there though because I was well aware that there are always DT squads out around that area of Downtown. Never bothered finding out what their excuse was (it is usually "suspect was observed holding <insert contraband> in plain sight) , I was being a nice guy for once because I know when the NYPD runs your record, if they see bench warrants in your past they send you to central until you can be seen by the Judge, and I had to be home the next day to take care of the kids (told em that shit too). So at least dodged that bullet... still got warrants lol

  9. Damn, that really sucks. This is exactly why I hate the cops. There are so many serious crimes going on, and they just go looking for potheads to bust. Its so stupid :mad:

    Out of curiosity, what part of downtown were you at? I actually hang out a lot downtown and I want to steer clear of that specific area you were at because you said there were a lot of DTs.
  10. Well, I was by w4th subway station (by w3rd stairs) at the time they grabbed me.

    The DT squads over there center around the park, they all set up in the surrounding blocks. Any park in Manhattan there are DT squads about, just some areas are worse than others, especially a park where many out off towners come that is also so close to a NYU campus.

    You can have a chill time at any of the parks really, just don't be stupid, be observant etcetc. Dt are like fucking ninjas, I've seen a full squad come out of nowhere in the middle of a field with no blind spots, drive Taxis up onto curbs and jump out to make a bust, lots of crazy shit.. they some sneaky SOBs
  11. If you bend my belt the right way on the inside a little slit opens up with enough room to hold a couple grams and some folded papers. Ninja belt ftw.
  12. hope I'm not the only one looking down at their belt playing with it lol
  13. I hade it made lol.
  14. I found mines laying on the sidewalk in some college dorms I was doing work at, made my day because I forgot to wear a belt that day and had a piece of duct tape tied between by two front belt loops, wasn't working so well......

  15. Oh yea that makes sense. That area has a few head shops and whatnot.
    Actually, I remember 420 this year like 50+ kids from my high school had this huge smoke circle in this park downtown on the west side, and absolutely nothing happened. There were some park officers who made them pick up the litter but no cops were called lmao. Mind you that this is in a decently upscale neighborhood, where usually the majority of the people in the park are mom's with their babies in strollers.
  16. i thought title was literally about a weed concert

  17. lmao. i wish
  18. I wish thats how it was in NJ

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