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Weed through the washer...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kage, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. As the title suggests, my weed went through the washer not long ago[Fuck my life..]. After a a day or two of seeing if it'll dry out by it being left in the sun, I put it into a toaster oven for a little bit 'till it seemed to dry out. Now it's not wet anymore, but the shit's black at this point, er at least much darker than before... that er I was too high to notice at the time. It's not like it's ash er anything; and on the inside, there's still some green.

    None of all my friends who smoke have ever had this happen before, so they didn't know if it could still be smoked er not. So tonight, I was just bored as hell, and remembered it, and started wondering if it'd be okay to smoke. Someone told me that if there's soap in it, though, then it can lead to problems 'cause smoking soap can apparently give you a lung infection. Another person told me smoking mold isn't too good of a thing, either, and I was wondering if this could have gotten moldy while it was wet. Another person told me that the soap can wash the THC out of the weed. But as I said, these people hadn't had it happen to them before, so it may be purely speculation.

    It's not much, just like two nugs... but I'm bored, damnit!
  2. Accept a loss, man...I mean shit, you have already vaped the fucker when you put it in the toaster oven.
  3. When I did that, though, the heat was only at like 120 er somethin' like that. I didn't smell the weed burnin', either.

  4. Agreed lol

    Wasn't the bud in a baggy?
  5. I guess there's only one way to find out.

    I'd smoke anything.
  6. Nah, it was in one of the halfs of the plastic on a pack of cigarettes

  7. OOOOOOHHHH dude those things are better than baggys lol. Next time burn the edges closed when you're done smoking or what have you. Air tight, water proof, and less smell gets out than regular baggys (not saying it's dog proof).
  8. just so you know thats called a cellophane...
    but smoke it and get back to us on it...that way if it ever happens ill know lol
    ...most likely wont happen to me tho..im such a pot head i never lose track of my weed :D
  9. Huh.. that actually makes sense. I'll try that next time.

    BTW, I have no problem smoking it and it not working. I just don't want to die or apparently get a lung infection er somethin' like that.
  10. Alright, I'm writin' this down so others will know/I remember it as well: I just smoked two snappers, and I AM high. I feel kinda shakey, but that's probably 'cause I was nervous from whether I'd die or not, and my lungs[sternum, more specifically] hurt like hell when I breathe in, but I believe that is the valley air of my town mixed with the mold in my house mixed with the cat urine in my house[fuckin' moronic cats..] mixed with the clove cigarettes I smoke and sometimes have to eat for food.

    Wow. This is really some good stuff. I am really glad I did not throw it away.
  11. thc doesnt disolve in water, but it might taste some what soapy
  12. Id be really concerned about chemicals left in the weed.

    Also im suprised after leaving it in the sun for extended peroids of time didnt diminish the quality greatly.

    Hope you're okay :)
  13. this.

    Depends how desprate you are tho.
  14. Next day, and I'm perfectly fine; not even a stomache/head ache. I didn't get sick last night, either, after smoking it.

    That was actually the first time I smoked in my room, too. :p It woulda sucked if I would have had a bad experience from it
  15. Just accept what happened. I would just let it go, sometimes you have to take a loss to learn a lesson, even if that loss was a total mistake and accident.

    BUT after reading that last post which i JUST saw, i guess you got things going your way haha, happy for you man...
  16. Not gonna lie, I really wish you had thrown it away. For those of with the "smoke anything" mentallity that is the worst advice I have ever heard. If your shit spent an hour soaking in chemicals and warm water while in an open plastic bag the last thing I would do is smoke it.

    Why again are you risking a lung infection for "two nugs?" That's like ten dollars.

    Did you eat paint chips as a kid? :rolleyes:
  17. Well, the "smoke anything" idea is based upon the desperate notions of one to get high. This was merely a science experiment to see if it'd still work, because as I said: everyone who I get high with has never had this happen before.
  18. dude never do that again though, so many chemicals went through the wash too..is like smoking degerent laced weed almost haha
  19. Science experiments don't usually hold bodily harm consequences for the subjects...if they're human. Moral of the story, don't smoke weed that's been through the washer.
  20. Ok so it went through the washer.......It also went through the rinse.Granted its not gonne be the same but its not gonna kill,hell we probably drink more crap in our water anymore.
    I have washed my weed more than once and after I discover this I rinse it good,anyone heard of water curing?,and let it dry not as tasty but WTF its clean.

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