Weed through the wash...

Discussion in 'General' started by hookahlove, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Wow, searching through my pockets for something I lost I found a crumpled up bag of... something black. I thought it might be rez from long ago, but no, it was about a gram of some wet ass weed that smelled like feet. God that's gross. I can't remember losing a bag of weed first of all, and second of all it was in some shorts that I haven't worn in months. I'm not too bummed out, but I probably was when I first lost it! haha, oh well.
  2. my buddy had a quarter of beasters in his pocket and he ran it thru the wash

    it just came out more compact, alittle darker, kind of linty, and smelling of fabric softner, but still smoked good when dried
  3. Nice, I'm gonna try to dry this shit out and see how it smokes.... god it smells so gross though. I have no idea how old it is.
  4. yea before taking them especially stoned always check your pockets bud has happend for lil bit not really,but one time after worked got baked and forgot to take the check out of my pocket from work, and that went into the wash i was soo pissed like 100 dollars or so...and only got 85 back,so always check your pockets before you take them off and throw into the laundry. :wave:
  5. ya man if you didnt notice it right away n didnt dry it than its probably mold your smelling. Id be careful
  6. That's how my parents found my weed.... :(
  7. LMAO when i was 14 that happend to me too... Great minds think alike...

  8. Yeah... weed that smells like feet probably isn't good to smoke. Probably will give it to a friend and laugh as he opens the bag to smell it then throw it away.
  9. Washed my wallet with all my ID, 200 bucks-ish, and my cell phone while high :D. Dont use my phone much though so I dont really care about that, and all my other shit dried alright. Wallet was leather though, so it feels a bit funny now.

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