Weed Thief.

Discussion in 'General' started by Predator1, May 12, 2006.

  1. Dumb story, but I got way too scared to not share it :rolleyes:

    Popped into my room the other day, felt around in my stash spot just to reassure myself, and my weed was gone. My stash box, pipe, lighters and papers had all been left- the weed was gone. I was scared as hell, i brought over 5 friends to help me look for it. We tore the room apart....nothing.

    Convinced that my father had found it and confiscated it, I moped around the rest of the day, until one of those 5 friends pulls out a big, green ounce. So we smoke up that night, and im laying there thinking (because hey, thats how it works :smoke:) and I think of it...Next day, i go inside and find my weed in two minutes.

    I have a ferret, which for those of you who dont know, is kind of like a long, bendy rat. She stole the weed out from under my bed because it was wrapped in saran wrap, and she likes chewing on squishy stuff. And, she stole it from under my bed and took it into my mom's sock drawer. Just a good thing I got high, or else I wouldnt have thought of what happened...

    Weed does solve problems! :smoke:
  2. Hahah. Good story.
  3. Lol. your ferret grabbed the bud and put it in your mom sock.? thats crazy haahah +rep
  4. lol. ferrets are cool
  5. LOL

    Good thinking
  6. haha you sure the ferret took it? Maybe your mom found it.
  7. haha maybe youre mom is a ferret.

  8. roflz
  9. haha, that ferret is such a clown

  10. dude your ferret is a narc. i'd watch it if i were you.
  11. lol... "It was the ferret... in the sock drawer , with a bag of weed" Its like you were playing real life Clue or something lol.
  12. haha that's too funny
  13. My ferret did that all the time, she would take anything on the ground and take it behind my bed.
  14. hahahaha i didnt know ferret owners let their ferrets roam around the house. i thought they were like a caged pet like a gerbil. anyways, yeah that kind of thing happens to me alot, especially the key to my lockbox where i keep all my shit, i lose it and panic.

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