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Weed, the cure for acrophobia?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wite Nite, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I had a strange experience the other day. After having a toke in the afternoon I did some work in the garden. Among other things I was planting and building support for a Clematis plant. As I climb the ladder to the very top and start working on a set of strings for the plant to cling to on its way up, I realize that I am not at all scared or shaky from the height.
    Funny! I do not like heights! Not at all. But now I was totally unaffected by it.

    This phenomena calls for further investigation, like puffing away and climbing to the top of the roof where I have an amazing view of the landscape and almost crap in my pants because it is so high.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  2. ive experienced losing fear of many things while under the influence of nug
  3. Idk, i once put a full 100 round clip of an Full metal Gas uzi airsoft gun into a spider in my room when i was stoned because it crawled on my hand and i threw it into a corner.

    I think it's safe to say i wouldn't have reacted that way if i wasn't stoned, although i am extremely scared of spiders.
  4. ^ does he know the difference between acrophobia and arachnophobia?
  5. It would appear not lol
  6. i just meant for phobia's in general, i know the difference.
  7. yea i was gonna say, i kind of generalized the topic and he spun off of that sort of.

  8. Make no mistake about it, I was not wasted, I merely had a small puff or two a good hour before my ascent up the ladder.
    I was under the influence, yes, but just a tad. And yet as I stood there on the top of the world (10-12 feet) I felt nothing what so ever in regards to the usual shaking knees and sinking feeling in my stomach. I even fumbled with the line I was tieing, lost the roll and caught it again without any trace of fear of death.
  9. Weed just helps with everything, we have built in THC recepters so there is a part of our brain which the only job is to get us high, getting high isn't the symptoms of poisining like most other things alcohol/ect... it's the THC receptors feeding THC around our system.

    We have been smoking bud for years and it certanly does do great things for the human body.

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