Weed that tastes of Hops

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by Noam Chongsky, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Ever opened a bottle of beer and noticed that it smelled kinda like weed?

    Or vice versa - ever had a bag/plant which tastes/smells similar to the crisp astringent flavour of hops?

    I recently became aware that hops and cannabis are related

    This might suggest that cannabis flowers might make a good alternative for hops in someone's brewing experiments?

    And conversely hops can be used medicinally like cannabis as it has a calming effect on the mind

    Could we apply the breeding principals used for cannabis on hops? -

    Making a "skunk" variety of hops sounds like a decent demonstration/academic exercise for any aspiring breeder
  2. Lol, oi. Im a huge beer geek, every time this comes up in the beer world its nay sayers, lol. It depends if you want the effect or the flavor in the beer, it can be done though, but co2 extracted oil would be besr since thats what they use to make hop extracts, though herb oil is considerably thicker.

    As for the breeding, you can indeed cross two varieties of hops and it is being done, new hop varieties coming out all the time. Sierra nevada even found a Strain in their experiments that tastes like blueberries!
  3. i wish my plant finder site was working... down all day:(
    because i'd very much like to find good varieties of hops bred specifically for smoking (yes i know it wont get you "high" but people have still smoked hops plenty of times and i'd love to find a variety that tastes similar to bud in some fashion or form)
  4. someday, when I have way too much weed on my hands, I'm going to try dry-hopping a beer with weed.

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