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Weed That Snaps and Crackles?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. A little background info first: I've seen this bud around here that was absolutely LOADED with pesticides. It looked extremely crystaly for beasters, and when smoked it would make snap, crackle, and popping noises. When smoked as a blunt, we smoked almost the entire blunt without even ashing it. The ash on the end was about 1 1/2 inches long before it finally fell off. And when it did break off, it stayed in one big inch and a half long piece, didn't fall apart or crumble like ash normally does. Needless to say I stopped smoking this very quickly, and told my friend he should stop buying it.

    Now recently, I picked up some niiice headies. The problem is, they snap and pop when smoked too. Not nearly as much or as loud as the beasters my friend had, but in a similar way. Smoked as a blunt it ashes completly normally though. So my question is, do you think there is something on this? Does some weed just do this naturally?
  2. Someone sprinkled glass on it perhaps?:confused_2:
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    OP, you should have just searched this because it comes up every few days...

    doubt its glass...probably just really dry. or your piece is dirty...
    or not flushed properly...are the ashes black or whitish grey?

    or to big a hit, or small undeveloped seeds like the guy below me said...

    post a picture of this snapping and crackling weed if you can and someone should be able to tell if its grit weed.
  4. i never got why people would sprinkle glass on green but shit that might have happened...might have been some undeveloped seeds:confused:
  5. Everything about the ashes seems normal. I dont personally think there is anything wrong with it, it hits far to smooth. The stuff with pesticides was harsh and made me cough a hell of alot more than this. Perhaps it could just be dryer than it should be. And what you mean by not flushed properly?
  6. If the grower didnt give the plant just water or water and a flushing agent every day from about a week or more before harvest it still might have some nutes lingering, which could cause it to be harsh or crackel...but if the ash is fine, then you wont have to worry about that. clean weed leaves a nice white ash behind. thats how you know your stuff is flushed well.
  7. im tending to think seeds on this one. At least for the latter blunt.
  8. Could be seeds but the more likely culprit is chemical nutes and ferts, I've seen weed that crackles and even SPARKLED because it was so loaded with nutes and ferts and never flushed. This stuff is just picked half ass quick dried, haphazardly cured if your lucky and then put into your hands.....for a premium of course.

    Let your dealer know that you can differintiate between quality cannabis and trash.
  9. GMT is most likely correct here.

    those ferts don't like flame.
  10. Yup, most likely is improper flushing. The bud can look as dank as anything, but will still "crackle" if there are ferts still stored in the bud.
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    Did you buy weed laced with crack?
  12. Your weed has herpes
  13. hahahaha +rep for giving OldPork a good laugh. I grow my own so no grit in my pouch
  14. It probably wasn't flushed properly.

  15. Glass alone wouldn't stick, and I'm pretty sure you would tear a blunt or slice your hand before you smoked it. Too many people call glass, grit weed or laced when it's more than likely just bad growing. If someone doesn't flush the plant it will taste harsh, taste bad, and crackles and pop when it looks like it shouldn't. It could also be something from foliar feeding that wasn't washed off.

    Please people, stop saying that shits grit or glass just because it pops or some shit. :confused_2:
  16. rice crispies?
  17. I smoked with this guy, he didnt really say it was what it was but he was talking about how much people bought kush ect and we were smoking so i think it was kush not for sure but it cracked a few times and i noticed it and remembered it too.
  18. That snapping and popping happened to me with this Outdoor Grown AK-47 I got, very weird
  19. the green that I have also crackles... im wondering if it could be laced with something?? after about one bowl of my pipe im already high off it and ive been smoking for a couple years now
  20. Someone probably threw a rice crispy in that bitch!


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