weed that smells like coconuts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by jackc, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. hey i got a mate who wants to know if their is a strain of cannabis that either smells and or tastes like coconuts or something similiar along the lines of that.

    i was wondering if any one here has come accross any strains or some such with any phenos like that.

    thanks :)
  2. i've heard you can get that sort of coconut taste from hp13
  3. thanks mate :) will look into it would be interesting to have a coconut cannabis plant
  4. the only thing is i believe it's quite difficult to find. There is a new release by rare dankness seeds that uses the hp13 though.
  5. i once had some super silver haze, that tasted like coconut and mint
  6. Cool idea. I am amazed how many different favors there is in the broad spectrum of ganja these days. Smoking shit brown weed twenty years ago smokin seeds and shit in it to what I'm doing now. I never could have seen it coming. Ganja is soooooooo awesome. It's like a holy herb
  7. its the the tree of life mentioned in the book of exodus for me matey :) damn straight its holy! yeah i cant beleive how much it can smell and taste like things, got some bud that has a lemony cat urine smell but tastes like a mouthfull of fruits to intense to dissociate any of them haha :)
  8. The 3rd Dimension from Subcool has phenos that smell like piña coladas.
  9. Subcool has some awesome strains. I still wanna try vortex
  10. Female seeds Tropical Ice is coconutty too...
  11. i have a buddy that really digs subcool's stuff. ill ask him about it......coconutty ganj would be awesome :yummy:

  12. Vortex is amazing. I have grown out 10 of Subs strains, and Vortex was by far the easiest. I've found at least 3 keepers in every 10 pack, and every bit is dank. He is one of the most accessible breeders in the business, and doesn't seem to mind sharing his methods with the public.

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