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weed that sizzles in the bowl

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by whiteboyy09, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. what does this mean. i can hear it burning/sizzling
  2. it means that its on fire
  3. Means you need to clean ur bowl. You have a bit of res that dried out in the piece. When you burn it , it sizzles and starts to smoke. clean ur shit
  4. these answers are all wrong, if the weed itself is crackilin as you take a drag it means that your ganja wanst properly flush during the last stage of flowering. Tell me, is the ash that is left over black? if it is then thats the issue
  5. part black part white
  6. Hash sometimes sizzles.. Dont kno if that helps..but just wanted to throw my 2cents :)
  7. Do you hear any snapping sounds when you hit it? What about crackles?

    Maybe pops?
  8. For me, it means my lighter is working.
  9. I headed that means there's stems in your bowl, our like fragment of a stem. Makes sense since when sticks burn they crackle.
  10. Could be stems, could be moisture.

    I was smoking outside the other night and it was snowing. A flake landed in there and it crackled for the next to hits or so.
  11. If the weed itself is sizzling/crackling when it's burned, then it wasn't flushed properly. It's not stems, seeds or resin that's for sure.
  12. Its either stems, moisture, or seeds

  13. Yeah, it probably just wasn't flushed properly.

    I highly doubt it's been sprayed.
  14. Either:
    -You're smoking crack :eek:
    -It's SCHWAG and is too dry.
    -It's too green and is still "wet" so the moisture sizzles.
    -Again, schwag and you put in seeds. Seeds "pop"
    -You got moldy weed (from your description)

    I don't really think it's sprayed. It would taste like shit and make you sick.
  15. If its is crackling and sparkling abit its sprayed. If it is making a crackling noise it could be to dry or not fully flushed before harvest.
  16. god dammit probably bought moldy weed

  17. I don't think moldy weed would sizzle... post some pictures, we might be able to tell you whether it was moldy or not.

    It's more likely that it was either just not flushed or dried correctly.
  18. ^^ This. It's most likely not mold, just not flushed properly.

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