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Weed that looks like schwag but hits like dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 16, 2011.

  1. I just had some weed that did this... Doesn't really make sense when you think about it. Anyone have something like this ever?
  2. Yah.....i couldn't see the crystals on the out side so it looked like mids or regs but it fuckin hit like dank shit.....fuckin mystery bud O_O
  3. low tolerance maybe?
  4. My boy had some dark brown shit so i didnt buy it...until i actually smoked it, so i bought a onion
  5. Haven't heard someone use that term in a longass time.

    Oh, and it's most likely laced, to answer your question. Schwag usually does hit like dank cuz it's laced up the ass w whatever shit. I used to only smoke schwag because I thought it was "just as good as dank" til I realized I was hitting dirt laced with crack.
  6. I've gotten trainwreck that was brown & purple (cept the purple was almost black). I was bitching about how i'm never gonna pick up from that kid again cuz his bud was shitty. Then i took one hit of the stuff out of a bong n was instantly very high, i finished off the dub through the bong by the end of the night i was floatin'. I guess it happens maybe cuz its been mishandled or grown wrong
  7. my guy used to have some brownish green dank that looked like regs so i never bought it but i smoked a blunt of it with him before he changed his product and that shit had me too high to stand.
  8. I have had some bud that a) wasn't very triched on the outside b) didn't smell very good c) pretty dark colored, almost brownish, and very leafy

    Break the bud open, it had a decent amount of trich. coverage, and it gave off a bit of a smell, smoked well though, got me as high as other dank that aesthetically was better.

    Lesson to learn: Looks aren't everything
  9. time for you to go back to a red bar. no one smokes crack and thinks its dank weed.
  10. Happened to me, connect said the grower over dried so it looked like dirt, but it was actually quite good and dealer gave me discount because it was overdried.

  11. $60 a z hitting like some dank is sketch no matter how you slice it. Recommend just buying dank.
  12. ...what? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have eaten an entire pizza after I smoked crack..

  13. Right you are.

    I guess I wasn't clear enough - the crack thing was a joke. There, I said it. Now no one else has to freak the hell out.
  14. I try out lower shelf bud from time to time and get pleasantly surprised.
  15. Im calling this bullshit...most likely low tolerance
  16. I've got some really dry bud that doesn't smell that good or look too great. Gets me hella baked though.
  17. This one time my boy had about 2gs of 'blueberry kush'. It looked like brown dirty shwag. We hit off hit and got highass tits, just as good as dank but just a bit harsher bcuz it was dry. Mysterious bud I tell yah...
  18. Yeah dude. I got a gram of this brown crapwith no crystals and was dry as fuck that had literally 6 seeds in it and i was like w/e it was free so why not smoke it but it fucked me up like some of the stuff I pay 20 a gram for. It was the best 'schwag' I ever smoked haha.

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