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Weed that literally "smokes"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChronicYouth, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I've been smoking for 6 years now, 4 years pretty heavily. Anyway, I've never quite experienced anything like this with my bud before.

    I've been smoking from this bag for a week now, and I didn't notice anything at first, but a few days ago when I pulled a nice sized nug out of the bag, a little puff of what looked like smoked seemed to trail out from the opposite direction I was moving the bud in (like the tailpipe on a car). I tried to recreate the smoke by doing it over and over again with the buds, but nothing happened. I figured I was way too stoned and just seeing shit.

    Now just now, I'm breaking up the bud to put it in my grinder, and the same puff of smoke appeared.

    The bud isn't super crystaly, and almost has no smell, but it was sold as "exos" and reminds me a lot of outdoor haze I pick up from this guy a lot. The thing is, the crystals look less like crystals, and more like a layer of dandruff you'd get on your hair coating the bud. The "dots" are kind of spaced out and easily distinguished from each other, and far too white for my liking.

    Basically I was wondering if anyone had this "smoking" bud experience before, and if it sounds like it was sprayed down with some shit to make it look better.
  2. If by "sprayed down with some shit" you mean potentially covered with mold/fungus, then yes.

    Mold spreads by sending spores out into the air, and some forms of mold will shoot out spores if agitated (and tearing apart the plant their living on definitely counts as "agitation"). A sudden release of spores *could* look like a VERY small puff of smoke. Of course, without pictures there's no way to be sure (and I'm not a botanist, so even with photos, I couldn't be sure).

    If it's covered with stuff that looks like it shouldn't be there: don't smoke it.
  3. The guy above me is very smart and also..very correct.

    I personally reccomend posting a picture via cellphone or camera and getting the best shot you can so MAYBE someone could idtenify if its mold, sporus, whatever..
  4. yeah I'll try and grab a pic in the morning but I doubt it'll look like anything. I feel like if it was moldy I'd be able to tell... but I guess maybe not.
  5. It's recommended that if you think your weed is moldy that you bake it at about 300 degrees fahrenheit for 5 minutes, which should kill any mold/fungus.
  6. #6 Miklelottesen, Sep 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2009
    That really works? I always thought you had to cut off the infected part or in the worst case scenario, throw the whole thing into the trash can.. Well, as long as you don't exceed 338 degrees fahrenheit it can't hurt..
  7. Does the bud give you a lot of kief? More than it should be?

    Take some and put it in an enclosure like a grinder, with a coin inside and shake it around.

    I guarantee that a shitton of 'dust' or 'powder' will come off. It has probably been sprayed with something.


  8. this is happening on the east coast regularly. their spraying down alot of kb/beasters with a silicone base. this give the bud a more "crystaly" and dank appearance while adding weight so they can maximize profit.

    do the grinder trick synned described. this is a serious matter. if he really sold you some bud thats sprayed, take that shit back and have him refund you, if he dont take it back, make him eat his teeth.:devious:
  9. Could be grit weed... I've seen a few varieties.... some with powdery shit added and some with glass.
  10. DO NOT smoke any more till we get a picture to look at..

    See this would never happen if we purchased weed legally...
  11. I tried taking a couple pics, but you really can't see anything with the quality of it. All you can do is tell it's green and red... no details at all. Thanks anyway guys. I don't know what I'm gonna do with it right now. I have so much of it I don't want to throw it out, but damn maybe I have to...
  12. dont toss it, even if its infected BHO or cook with it
  13. Look up a thread on BHO and make some of that with it.
  14. alright, thanks guys. That's that honey stuff right? I'm living at school right now, so it might not be that easy if I have to use an oven or something. I guess I could always try getting someone to let me use their apartment and sharing the proceeds.
  15. I've heard of dealers spraying hairspray on their bud to make it smell like "Kush"....But yeah, i think the mold idea sounds plausible.
  16. Powder mold. Either it was grown outside and got rained on at the wrong time, or it wasn't cured properly and the excess moisture caused it.

    You really should throw it out, depending on exactly what kind of mold it is, you could get really sick from overexposure to it.
  17. Man when dealers pull that kind of shit it really pisses me off. I mean were fucking stoners, not some god damn hooker heroine fiend needing a fix. Were obviously gonna know somethings up, not always at first but eventually, idk its just sad

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