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Weed testing kits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dez3rt.Eagle, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Ok, so me and my friends are having a little bash BUT they already made a huge purchase of some weed from some people im not too sure about. Just need to know where I can buy a kit to test it for other substances just to make sure its not laced. Does anybody have advice?
  2. A test? No such thing. It's not laced.
  3. How do you know? Do you know this guy?
  4. Smoke it and find out if its laced.
  5. The only "laced" weed I've ever come in contact with, or known of anyone coming in contact with (with the exception of the weekly thread by a nood who assumes his potent buds are laced,) has been bought knowingly because of the added effects. It's not financially viable for a dealer to do that, especially if they're selling in bulk. Too many people believe all of those things that Nancy Reagen and her cohorts hammered in their heads.
  6. like Man said, why would you put a more expensive product in with a cheap product..but i'd be hyped if my bud was laced though....
  7. Oh and i've been smokin weed for YEARS and never smoked laced without my knowledge of it being laced..usually by my own hands. CRACK
  8. Depending on the source, i think your ok.
    People who lace there bud, are usually extremely shady people, who usually focus on much harder substances.
    They would throw something extremely addicting in there, hoping for your buisness again.
    Think of it as a kind of.......false necessity.
    (if that made any sense)

    either way, i think you should be ok.
  9. i bought a little tenbag of some nappy from this dude a couple years ago. he lived in this shitty run down apartment and didnt just sell weed. the middle of smoking a bowl, i got this fat headrush and felt my heart beating like a double bass drum. my focus was going in and out and i felt super tired. and then i felt super awake. it went away after about 20 minutes...if that.

    i KNEW that high. once you smoke crack, you will always remember how intense and WHACKED the high is.

    upon looking at the remainder of the bag...sure enough, there were shitloads of little chunks of crack.
    dude must have accidentally spilled some crack in his bag of weed, and his customers got a headpounding surprise. or he kept his all his shit in the same bag for some reason.

    it was almost smoothed up, but there were a few chunks i could pull out. the rest just kind of rubbed into the weed...

    i finished smoking it. =/
  10. this apprentice smoker section is killing me,
    everyday i see some thread about laced weed or some other bullshit.

    i am by no means a "pot guru" but i do know one thing:
    -you are not going to get laced weed for the same price as regular weed.

    so stop fucking asking!

    got that off my i can sleep easily.
  11. I'd take the time to make a sticky-worthy guide to answer the same 20 questions that get posted here on a daily basis, but I'd be writing it out of anger, not compassion, and as it has been proven time and time again, if someone wants to know if they can smoke stems, they're not going to read any sticky first.
  12. While I agree it is highly unlikely that his weed is laced, it still is possible. I recall a thread not long ago where someone asked if his weed was laced, everyone told him there was no way because it was stupid etc. etc. and he was stupid for thinking so. Turns out it really WAS laced. I think it was embalming fluid or something.
  13. weed is not legal (in most places) so why would they make a kit to test it? as stated previously dealers are not goin to spend money lacing it and selling it for the same price, plus if everyone knew "this dealer" laces his weed he would probably loose business. oh yea pics help too. but highly highly unprobable that it is laced.
  14. Dont they have pill testing kits? for like x and shit? Would that work to test your weed? But ya its most likely not laced, post some pics and we will be able to tell u
  15. eeek. sherm.

    that's fucked up, too.

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