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Weed Tea?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skocotic, May 23, 2010.

  1. has anyone ever tried to make weed tea?
    a while back my friend told me he was saving all his stems for weed tea.
    so immediately i starting saving all of my stems until a had a pretty good amount
    then id just crush them up a little and it doesnt hurt to leave a little weed on the stems
    and then put them in a coffee filter and close it up however like a tea bag
    then just make it just like normal hot tea however you like it
    its actually pretty damn tasty if you enjoy the taste of weed
    not sure if you would ingest any thc at all but if anyone knows im interested
    anyone else ever tried this?
  2. I'd much rather make a tincture with my stems. :smoke:
  3. oh yeah. i actually meant to ask if theres anything else people use their stems for.
    but how do you make a tincture?
  4. Place stems in a coffee filter

    Tie up

    Hang string into alcohol bottle

    Let sit for 2 weeks


    Get twisted
  5. How much stem are we talking for this alcohol tincture?
  6. Yeah me and my friends tried this with our used plant trimmings/stems. We just made some normal tea and kinda just threw all the stuff into it while the boiling water went on, then just filtered all the crap out, put some honey and milk in and drank it. Somehow it worked and got the job done but it was probably a bit of a waste, would much prefer a nice batch of hash to 1 cup of weed tea.
  7. Mostly placebo. Water won't extract THC, and the amount of fat in a little milk isn't enough to do it either. Not that stems have much THC anyways. Trimmings do, but stems don't other than a tiny bit of kief stuck to them.
  8. I usually just cut open a tea bag, fill it with stems, close it shut, and make it as if it were regular tea, I dont really get high off of it, but it has a pleasent taste :)
  9. i think if u throw some butter in the water it'll help extract the thc
  10. Better to extract in butter first then make a butter/milk/tea mix then sweeten it with honey. Anything that dilutes the fat prior to extraction will make it less potent.

    It's easier to just make a nice strong glycerin tincture and put a dropperful in your tea.

  11. i tried this with bud. i used nearly an ounce and let it sit for a week. i drank and didnt feel anything, did i do it wrong?
    it has a HUGE waste of bud

  12. Wow, you musta been kicking yourself :eek:
    I woulda been slamming my face into the wall lol
  13. yeah, it tasted great, but didnt get me high.
    should of just made hash with it:(

    should i have let it sit for a few more weeks instead of just one?

  14. This + Jose Cuervo + Liptons Green tea is amazing
  15. i put about .7g of ground up cali buds in a teabag and then made the tea with it and put a lil bit of honey in it and i got pretty high so i know buds work but my buddy tried stem tea and didnt feel anything and he had a whole buch of stems lol
  16. that doesn't seem like it makes any sense. not to be a dick.
    but there's nothing to extract any of the thc from the weed
    unless you used milk and i don't think it would do much
  17. Ive made some with milk, butter, and oil.
    Worst taste of my life, but it got me high.

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