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Weed tea

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by freename22, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I've heard a lot of people saying you can make a tea with weed, but I've never done it. Could someone tell me how to make it, how much higher it gets you than smoking, and how it even works? I mean, isn't weed fat soluble not water soluble?
  2. Ive done it two ways brother. I put all my stems into a huge pitcher with ice and water and tea mix it up really good then let it sit in the fridge goin back to mix it over and over what it is really is after you get the stuff mixed over a good ammount of time the canabanoids will settle at the bottom stir the hell out of it often and keep it COLD then just take the stuff out at the top and before servin AND drinkin stir it and ur drinkin pure thc with the tea

    my favored method which gets me screwed up is putting it in with milk and a little butter and boiling and stirring for a long time make coco or chai tea:smoke:
  3. yeah i dont know ive never made tea but I always thought maybe if you stirred weed around in whole milk for a whilemaybe you could make weed tea:p
  4. Using stems sounds pretty practical. Thanks for the info man.
  5. Yeah I always stash mine away in a zippy and when ive got eneough I make some tea or something out of em why waste =D plus all the different herb stems you got in there make it interesting takes a lot of em though

    you could just use a half a gram of bud and make some firecrackers or something simple :D
  6. wat if u made the stems into a fine powder and stirred it nto the milk ?
  7. I know theres a recipe somewhere on this site for iced tea that is supposed to be bomb.... sorry I don't have the link.
  8. Mmm, Chigh Tea :D

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