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Weed Tea?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. How powerfull is it and how much stems do i need. I heard you dont use buds but stems can anyone give me some info on this stuff?

    _fuck off
  2. i thout THC was not water(H2O) soubule, so how would that work, use vodtak or some thing?
  3. THC is fat soluble

    i know people who make tea, they put cream in it, or sometimes butter
  4. i myself have never tried but know people who have, but i always thought u used stems too?
  5. in tea you use ONLY stems and trim
  6. i think mushroom tea is the only tea i enjoy mixing any plants in
  7. But does it actually work and how much shoul d i use?

    -fuck off
  8. it's so much less intense than smoking that if you don't have a very low tolerance it won't really work...

    ...a friend of mine once knew a rasta who refused, at any time, to smoke ganja, but would crumble a small bud into every cup of tea you offered him :D and he was well high...

  9. im a big weed tea freak i allways save up my stems to make tea with.... It varies on how much to use depending on the quality of the stems, if you got some stems that just look like sticks of crystals then 1-2 teabags worth should be enough to give you a coo lil body high.... If the stems are just sticks with very few crystals then your gonna have to use more.

    Its not something you can make too often cause even 1-2 teabags full of stems is alot of stems it usually takes me a few months before i have enough stems, but when i do ill make some tea and enjoy it then go right back to savin stems.

    edit: As far as making it goes all i do is cut open a tea bag empty it out then fill it up with the stems (make sure to break any stems that are very pointy and might tear through the tea bag) , clost the tea bag up with one staple in the middle then drop it in a cup of boiling water (or a pot of boilng water if your planning on making it for more than one person, just remember the more water you use the more teabags you gotta use).....thats it, i dunno bout the whole thc not being water soluable or whatever i do know that it gives you a nice body high, if your stems are crystally enough the top layer of the tea will just be a nice thick layer of crystals, so im guessin the heat from the water releases the thc so thats how you still get high.

    Ive also been told if i make tea then toss it in the fridge to make it into ice tea it will still get you high, ive never tried that though so i cant verify it.
  10. Shit man, I should have been saving my stems this whole time! I usually eat them while I'm breaking up the bud! They're nice to chew on when you're breaking up the bud and loading a bowl--gets the nice taste of the herb in your mouth. Heh, I guess I'll try saving them from now on (the tea thing sounds like a neat idea).
  11. i use to allways chew on them and spit them out too, tastes good
  12. Heh, yeah, right on. Sometimes they taste like mustard. But that's usually with lower quality bud.
  13. Wait were the Ganja Experts (tm) and we dont know how to make weed tea?!?!

    We some elderly in here!


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