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Weed Tea

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mordevic, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. #1 Mordevic, Oct 29, 2014
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    Sup, I really want to make weed tea some time so I've searched for some recipes and I got an idea how to do it, but I have some questions:
    How much will it smell?
    Do I need to stir constantly?
    Which works better, Milk or water and butter?
    Any other tips and tricks on making a thc-filled beverage?
    I just made a batch of weed milk/tea
    1. brought some milk to boiling point
    2. added a kinda big spoon of margarine (didnt have butter)
    3. put it in a thermos can
    4. added a tea bag filled with weed (like 1 gram i think)
    5. added 3 anise(?)sugar cubes (some dutch specialty i think, cant find em online exept in dutch stores).
    6. closed thermos can, shake real good
    7. shake every 15 minutes a few times (did this like 8 times total)
    8. goin to sleep, leaving it overnight
    9. going to school, finish my last exams
    10. warm up, add more sugar and some great fucking tea (i tore the bag apart from both the weed and the tea)
    11. Strain
    12. drink it
    First off, this tasted soooo fuuuucking good. like sweet creamy weed
    i took my first sip at 9:30, last sip at 10:00
    10:41 can feel a bit, im gonna smoke a bowl because fuck it.
    10:54 i lied, i smoked 2 bowls. goin pretty hard now, way harder than i normally get from 2 bowls
    15:37 just woke up from 1 hour nap, best nap ever. still slightly stoned.
    Conclusion from my end: I made the weed tea not strong enough, didnt use real butter and no whole milk. This shit did cost me like 3 days worth of weed so i dont think ill do it again untill i get a chance to do it safely on a stove and shit.

  2. This is also my first time doing edibles. I know it will take some time to start working, but are there any other tips in general?
  3. And should I decarb? And If so, how much will it smell?
  4. Search google, this question has been asked many times.
  5. Believe me, ive googled. But i get a very wide range of answers. I asked here because i hoped that someone with experience in making it could tell me whats true and which shit isnt neccecery
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    I was in a bit of a bind and tried this with  1g of SUPER DANK.
    ................Whole Cup of Milk + 2 huge spoons of butter.
    ...Start with some water and butter and let it boil (covered) slowly
    after a while add the milk and continue to stir.
    Strain and enjoy... although if you are able to drink the bits of bud (I did NOT) you will get much more medicated.
    It tasted AMAZING, but only got me slightly medicated. 
  7. Thanks dude :) I'll try it some day
  8. A whole cup of milf LMAO!!!!!
  9. Great catch!!! LOL
  10. #11 5cooby Doo, Oct 30, 2014
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    :laughing: :smoking:
    although I must admit, a cup of milf and some butter would be nice :cool:.

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